Information leaflet Research database

Information leaflet of August 1, 2017

1. What is a research database for?

The research database is used by academics of the University of Zurich to inform about their research projects.

It enables the interested public to inform themselves via the internet about the research projects at the University of Zurich.

The research database is subject based and does not offer quantitative information on the number or the financial scope of the projects.

2. What is a research project?

A research project is work which contributes to scientific research.

The work

  • examines an object in a scientific way,
  • shall be terminated within a certain time span and
  • the results shall be published as a scientific paper according to the standards of the area of discipline.

Depending on the area of research the nature and scope of a research project can be determined very differently.

A research project does not need to be financed externally.

3. Who maintains an account in the research database?

Professors of the University of Zurich maintain accounts in the research database.

"Privatdozierende" (lecturers) can maintain accounts in the research data base.

Researchers of the University of Zurich holding a doctor’s degree who are responsible for a research project can maintain accounts in the research database if their supervisors agree.

Employees of a professor of the University of Zurich who are in charge of a research project can enter their projects under the heading of "project leader" using the account of their employer.

4. How do you enter data in the research database?

After opening an account the researchers or their authorised employees can enter or update information in the research database via the internet at any time. The data will be published on the internet within a day.

Small projects or part-projects should be combined to one large research project if possible.

As the research database is used internationally project information should be entered in English.