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Completed research project

Title / Titel Fighting weight problems in adolescents: The role of goal focus
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Original title / Originaltitel Übergewicht und erfolgreiche Gewichtsreduktion im Jugendalter: Die Rolle von Zielfokus in verschiedenen motivationalen Phasen
Summary / Zusammenfassung Obesity and being overweight has become one of the currently most pressing health problems. Adolescents seem to be particularly at risk as this is a time when their eating habits evolve that might have impact on their diet and weight across their adult lives. This project addresses how adolescents might successfully control their weight in the long run. Based on the hypothesis that motivation plays a major role in behavior change and its maintenance, an intervention study will test how focusing on different aspects of the goal to lose (and maintain) weight affects weight loss (and maintenance) over the course of one year. More specifically, a model of adaptive goal focus will be tested that hypothesizes that focusing on achieving a certain weight (outcome focus) is highly adaptive before starting to engage in weight-loss-related behaviors (dieting, exercising) while focusing on the goal-relevant behaviors themselves (process focus) is central for successful long-term maintenance of the desired weight.
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Keywords / Suchbegriffe Motivation, eating behavior, weight loss, adolescence, goal focus
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Freund (Project Leader)
Dr. Christina Röcke (Project Leader)
Dr. Roberto La Marca
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Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
Jacobs Foundation
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Oct 2007 to Mar 2010