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Title / Titel Assessment of incident infection rates in newly diagnosed HIV-1 infections
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Summary / Zusammenfassung Accurate assessment of the number of incident HIV infections is important for effective epidemiologic surveillance. An estimate of this number is obtained by tests which utilize the lower concentration and avidity of HIV antibodies present at early infection (so-called "detuned assays").

We have demonstrated that information on the timepoint of an HIV infection ("recency") can be gained from an HIV confirmatory assay, the Inno-Lia HIV I/II Score (Inno-Lia). The Inno-Lia measures antibodies to five different viral proteins of HIV-1 and two proteins of HIV-2. It confirms HIV infection, differentiates between HIV-1 and HIV-2, and, as we have shown, can also be used for estimating the rate of recent infections in a population. Because of this triple benefit, the Inno-Lia has become a mandatory test for all HIV infections newly diagnosed in Switzerland. Detailed band pattern information, which is the basis for prediction of the incident infection rate, is being collected routinely since 2008 from all newly diagnosed HIV patients in the country and forwarded in an anonymized form to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, where it is used for calculating the annual rate of new infections and for recognizing trends of new infections among the different transmission risk groups.

Research in the past years has aimed at further defining the sensitivity and specificity of the procedure and at defining the window periods of the different incident infection algorithms (projects within the Swiss HIV Cohort Study SHCS). In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, all notifications of new HIV-1 infections are evaluated annually with this method in order to detect the actual trends in HIV transmission within Switzerland.
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Publications / Publikationen Schüpbach J, Gebhardt MD, Tomasik Z, Niederhauser C, Yerly S, Bürgisser P, Matter L, Gorgievski M, Dubs R, Schultze D, Steffen I, Andreutti C, Martinetti G, Güntert B, Staub R, Daneel S, Vernazza P. Assessment of recent HIV-1 infection by a line immunoassay for HIV-1/2 confirmation. PLoS Med. 2007 Dec;4(12):e343.

Schüpbach J, Bisset LR, Regenass S, Bürgisser P, Gorgievski M, Steffen I, Andreutti C, Martinetti G, Shah C, Yerly S, Klimkait T, Gebhardt M, Schöni-Affolter F, Rickenbach M; Swiss HIV Cohort Study. High specificity of line-immunoassay based algorithms for recent HIV-1 infection independent of viral subtype and stage of disease. BMC Infect Dis. 2011 Sep 26;11:254.

Schüpbach J, Bisset LR, Gebhardt MD, Regenass S, Bürgisser P, Gorgievski M, Klimkait T, Andreutti C, Martinetti G, Niederhauser C, Yerly S, Pfister S, Schultze D, Brandenberger M, Schöni-Affolter F, Scherrer AU, Günthard HF; Swiss HIV Cohort Study. Diagnostic performance of line-immunoassay based algorithms for incident HIV-1 infection. BMC Infect Dis. 2012 Apr 12;12:88.

Schüpbach J, Gebhardt MD, Scherrer AU, Bisset LR, Niederhauser C, Regenass S, Yerly S, Aubert V, Suter F, Pfister S, Martinetti G, Andreutti C, Klimkait T, Brandenberger M, Günthard HF, and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study Simple Estimation of Incident HIV Infection Rates in Notification Cohorts Based on Window Periods of Algorithms for Evaluation of Line-Immunoassay Result Patterns. PLoS ONE 8(8): e71662. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071662

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Keywords / Suchbegriffe HIV, tests for recent infection, STARHS, incidence, line immunoassay
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof Jörg Schüpbach (Project Leader)
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Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung), Other Public Sources (e.g. Federal or Cantonal Agencies)
Project credits by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SNF/SHCS)
In collaboration with /
In Zusammenarbeit mit
All 11 Swiss HIV Notification Labs represented by
Christoph Niederhauser, Sabine Yerly, Cristina Cellerai, Diana Ciardo, Meri Gorgievski, Stephan Regenass, Günter Dollenmaier, Thomas Klimkait, Corinne Andreutti, Gladys Martinetti, Marcel Brandenberger
Martin Gebhardt, Roger Staub
Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Berne
Pietro Vernazza, Synove Daneel
Division of Infectious Diseases, Kantonsspital St. Gallen

Huldrych Günthard, Alexandra Scherrer, Clinic for Infectious Diseases, University Hospital, Zürich
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Jul 2005 to Dec 2015