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Completed research project

Title / Titel The Logudorese vs. Campidanese linguistic border: phonetics and phonology.
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Original title / Originaltitel Il confine logudorese-campidanese: fonetica e fonologia
Summary / Zusammenfassung The two main dialect areas of Sardinian (Campidanese, in the southern half, vs. Logudorese in the central-northern part of the island) are separated through a 'gray belt' in which isoglosses typical for each of the two dialect types intermingle, yielding a complex classificatory picture. The project picks up one isogloss, viz. word-final mid vowel raising (e.g. Campidanian drommu vs. Logudorese drommo 'I sleep', from Latin DORM(I)O) and shows that

a) the gray zone provides cues as to the diachronic reconstruction of the intermediate stages and paths of diffusion, through which Campidanese raising gradually spread, eventually becoming fully regular in the southern half of the island;

b) some dialects of the gray zone have developed vowel harmony (with raising becoming dependent on the quality of the stressed vowel), a kind of phonological regularity which is usually not associated with Romance in cross-linguistic surveys.

The project aims to produce an exhaustive map of vowel harmony processes observed in the gray area. In view of this, several field trips have been carried out in order to record first-hand data on the relevant dialects, starting with Làconi (June 1999), Baunei, Seneghe (September 2003), Allai (July 2004). Those dialects provided the empirical database for the studies already published as Loporcaro (2002-03, 2005a-b). Several other varieties of the gray zone were investigated in the following years (2005-08): the results of this further fieldwork are currently under evaluation and will be presented in Loporcaro (forthcoming).
Publications / Publikationen M. Loporcaro, Coarticolazione e regolarità del mutamento: l’innalzamento delle vocali medie finali in sardo campidanese, in Giovanna Marotta e Nadia Nocchi (a cura di), La coarticolazione, Atti delle XIII giornate di studio del Gruppo di Fonetica Sperimentale (AIA), Università di Pisa, 28-30 settembre 2002, Pisa, Edizioni ETS 2003, 23-44.

M. Loporcaro, Di una presunta reintroduzione preromanza di -US di accusativo plurale in Sardegna, «SSL» XL-XLI (2002-2003), 187-205 [Atti del Convegno di Studi in memoria di Tristano Bolelli, Pisa, 28-29 novembre 2003, a cura di Giovanna Marotta, Pisa, ETS 2005a].

M. Loporcaro, Typological remarks on Sardinian: 1. Vowel harmony. 2. Sardinian in a correlative typology of the Romance languages, «STUF - Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung» LXVIII, 2-3 (2005b), 210-227 [Focus on: Sardinian in typological perspective, ed. Ignazio Putzu].

M. Loporcaro, Innalzamento delle vocali medie finali atone e armonia vocalica in Sardegna centrale, «Vox Romanica» 70 (2011) [2012]: 114-149.

Keywords / Suchbegriffe Romance linguistics, Sardinian, Dialectology, Phonology, Vowel harmony, Language Change
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof. Dr. Michele Loporcaro (Project Leader)
Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
Fieldwork in 1999 (Làconi, Central Sardinia) was financially supported by the excursion grant of the Philosophische Fakultät der Universität Zürich
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Jun 1999 to Sep 2009