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Completed research project

Title / Titel Information Supply of the State – Functions and Constraints (2002-2003).
Research project funded by the federal government task force „Security and Availability”, a sub-branch of the co-ordination group information society (KIG).
Project direction: Prof. Dr. Sibylle Hardmeier; Research team: Sarah Büttikofer, Sibylle Hardmeier
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Summary / Zusammenfassung This project is funded by the federal government task force „Security and Availability”, a sub-branch of the co-ordination group information society (KIG) in order to outline challenges and new functions of the state in the evolving information society. The final product of the project consists of an electronic and printed document summarizing the literature, providing analytical guidelines (definitions and sub-fields) for the vast field. Overall, the project deals with three aspects:
First, based on literature from the domains of sociology and political science, we present an overview of the topic of the transformation process that is affecting the post-industrial society. Given the onset of an information or knowledge society, we focus primarily on the analysis of the role of the state in this changing process. While some researchers conclude that the transformation process leads to a weak-ening of the nation state (Loader 1998), others propose that it ends in the building of a virtual state (Fountain 2001) and still others argue that this transformation process is not as profound as it is often presented (May 2002). Finally, this brief literature review also gives an account of the studies on the changing processes in the organizational structures of the bureaucracy.
We then broadly conceptualize the field of research and identify our fundamental questions. Drawing on the systems theory of political science, we distinguish between the input and the output struc-ture of the state. The central elements of the output are thus the elaboration of information and knowl-edge, the ensuring of the availability (retrieval, archiving) and also all aspects of infrastructure and linked costs. With regards to the input, we are particularly interested in the elements of information quality, liability and utilization. One of the central points is to separate clearly between the political and economi-cal actors on the demand side.
In order to provide a more complete picture of the issues conducted in part 2, we extend our analysis through the use of expert interviews, in order to validate the analytical framework and illuminate the related policies. Furthermore, we provide a rigorous and sophisticated description of what is generally called “information”. We strictly differentiate the concepts of data resources, information and knowledge. Finally, we take into consideration the contextual restrictions, such as the information laws, ‘the freedom of information act’ and the protection of data privacy.
Weitere Informationen
Publications / Publikationen Bütikofer, Sarah / Hardmeier, Sibylle. 2003. Die Versorgungsfunktion des Staates in der Informationsgesellschaft. Ein Literatur- und Expertenbericht. Zürich: IPZ und AG-KID.
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Hardmeier (Project Leader)
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Other Public Sources (e.g. Federal or Cantonal Agencies)
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Dec 2002 to Dec 2003