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Completed research project

Title / Titel Women in Arcadia (1690-1800)
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Original title / Originaltitel Donne in Arcadia (1690-1800)
Summary / Zusammenfassung The “Arcadia” was the most important cultural Academy of the 18th century Italy and the indisputable leading institution for poetry. However, scholars, who haven’t adequately considered the role and the significance of women’s presence in it, have not attempted a fully reliable reconstruction of the history of this institution.
My project proposes a specific study of women in Arcadia, from the beginning (1690) to 1800. It is divided in two main sections:
1. A broad documentary reconstruction of the female membership in Arcadia (structured in a complex database to be published on the Web as well as in a critical study of the materials, with special regard to poetical genres and gender specificity);
2. Close investigations of the most significant female authors – in form of monographs containing an annotated edition of selected texts – with the aim of revaluing unfairly forgotten writers.
Publications / Publikationen Tatiana Crivelli, La sorellanza nella poesia arcadica femminile fra Sette e Ottocento, in «Filologia e critica», XXVI (2001) [but 2002], fasc. III, 321-49.

Tatiana Crivelli, Le memorie smarrite di Amarilli, in AA.VV., “La littérature au féminin”, par G. Cordone, T. Crivelli et Y. Foehr-Janssens, Genève, Slatkine, 2003, 294 pp. (=«Versants», num. Spécial, 46), pp. 139-190.

Tatiana Crivelli, Review of: A. Chemello - L. Ricaldone, Geografie e genealogie letterarie. Erudite, biografe, croniste, narratrici, ‘épistolières’, utopiste tra Settecento e Ottocento, Padova, Il Poligrafo, 2000, 250 pp., in «Rassegna Europea di Letteratura Italiana», 18 (2001) [ma 2002], pp. 158-63.

Crivelli, Tatiana (2007). «Figli, vi lascio! E nel lasciarvi tremo» : sui domestici lutti poetici delle “pastorelle” d’Arcadia. Rassegna Europea di Letteratura Italiana, 15(29/30):109-124.

Crivelli, Tatiana (2010). Archiviare in rete per non archiviare il caso: note sulle poetesse d'Arcadia. Dimensioni e Problemi della Ricerca Storica, 43(1):21-29.

Keywords / Suchbegriffe Arcadia, italian literature, italian poetry of the 18th century, women writers, letteratura italiana, poesia italiana del XVIII secolo, scrittura femminile
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Prof. Dr. Tatiana Crivelli Speciale (Project Leader)
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Duration of Project / Projektdauer Mar 2001 to Aug 2003