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Completed research project

Title / Titel EMOtive: Affective and effective visual analytics displays
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Summary / Zusammenfassung Motivation: As visuo-spatial displays are increasingly used in mobile and dynamically evolving situations, it will be important to consider research on the kind of information that users can get from displays when used in time and attention critical, and potentially also emotionally charged spatio-temporal decision-making situations. Limited perceptual and cognitive resources of display users—also often overlooked, autonomic nervous activity—most likely will influence how the depicted information is apprehended, and this will ultimately determine how effective users will be in detecting and reasoning about spatio-temporal phenomena, and make effective and efficient decisions in time critical situations under uncertainty.

Research objective: The proposed research firstly aims at better understanding of how users explore and extract knowledge from visual displays in time critical contexts, under varying affective states, to make space-time decisions under uncertainty, and secondly, at deriving empirically based design guidelines for the construction of cognitively inspired, perceptually salient, and affectively responsive displays for effective and efficient spatio-temporal decisions-making in time critical, and in uncertainty situations. We aim at guidelines that are generic enough to be useful for a broad range of decisions-making scenarios and uncertainty conditions, including various geographically relevant application domains (e.g., disaster response, navigation, search and rescue, etc.).

The main goals leading the two tracks are as follows:
• to identify the characteristics of how users make space-time decisions with visual displays under to various affective states due to time critical situations and uncertainty (in the VR lab and mobile, in the world), and
• to develop empirically based design guidelines for the construction of perceptually salient, cognitively inspired, and affectively responsive visual displays for more effective and efficient spatio-temporal inference and decision-making in time critical contexts and under uncertainty.

Key outputs are expected along three cyclic work phases. First, knowledge integration across complementary research fields is carried out at the theoretical level (uncertainty visualization, decision-making under stress and uncertainty, affect and arousal). Second, an experimental visual display platform is implemented, to be tested in the VR lab and mobile in the world, and thirdly, visual displays are evaluated with users (i.e., empirical evaluation of usefulness and usability).
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Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof. Dr. Sara Irina Fabrikant (Project Leader)
MSc. Sascha Credé
MSc. Sara Maggi
Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung)
In collaboration with /
In Zusammenarbeit mit
Prof. Dr. Christoph Hölscher, GESS ETHZ Switzerland
Dr. Markus Christien, Centre for Ethics, Institute of Biomedical Ethics, UZH Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Daniel R. Montello, UC Santa Barbara, Dept. of Geography United States
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Jan 2015 to Dec 2018