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Completed research project

Title / Titel Physical Activity Promotion in Primary Care (PAPRICA)
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Summary / Zusammenfassung A whole range of approaches to physical activity promotion in primary care has already been developed in Switzerland, with documentation of effectiveness for several of them. However, none of these approaches has been widely adopted by the medical community. Therefore PAPRICA (Physical Activity Promotion in Primary Care) has been developed in a multi-year and multi-partner process. PAPRICA is based on international evidence as well as on established approaches and tools, but it is streamlined to the specific demands of primary care practices and has been successfully tested in both the French speaking and the German speaking part of Switzerland.
PAPRICA is currently being implemented in continuing education for primary care physicians and postgraduate training for sport physicians, its introduction for undergraduate medical students is planned. An adaptation PAPRICA Cardio for cardiac patients and a RCT are under preparation.
Publications / Publikationen Schmid, M; Egli, K; Brian, M W; Bauer, G (2009). Health promotion in primary care: evaluation of a systematic procedure and stage specific information for physical activity counselling. Swiss Medical Weekly, 139(45-46):665-671.

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Keywords / Suchbegriffe Physical activity, primary care, cardiology, prevention
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
PD Dr. med. Brian Martin (Project Leader)
Dr. Miriam Wanner
Eva Martin-Diener
Béatrice Jungo
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Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
Universität Zürich (position pursuing an academic career), Other Public Sources (e.g. Federal or Cantonal Agencies), Foundation
In collaboration with /
In Zusammenarbeit mit
Jacques Cornuz and Reto Auer, Policlinique Médicale Universitaire Lausanne Switzerland
Raphael Bize, Institut Universitaire de Médecine Sociale et Préventive Lausanne Switzerland
Ueli Grüninger, Swiss College for Primary Care Medicine Switzerland
Fabio Peduzzi, Ligue Vaudoise contre les Maladies Cardiovasculaires Switzerland
Thomas F. Lüscher and Christian Schmied, Department of Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich Switzerland
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Aug 2009 to Dec 2016