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Completed research project

Title / Titel Nature and landscape in medieval Iceland. A research on how various aspects of nature are discribed in medieval texts from Iceland
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Original title / Originaltitel Nature and landscape in medieval Iceland. A research on how various aspects of nature is discribed in medieval texts from Iceland.
Summary / Zusammenfassung The research will mainly be done by reading numerous medieval Icelandic texts, primarily the Islendingasögur and Sturlunga. During the reading the instances where nature is mentioned in the texts will be categorized by several concepts, e.g. nature, landscape, agriculture, forestry, traveling, etc. Each concept will be explained in detail, because the concept’s meaning in different language does not always correspond. For example the English word landscape does not have the same meaning as the Icelandic word landslag. Each category will in the end, have many examples of the same concept from various sources, e.g. from Islendingasögur, Sturlunga, Law books etc. In that way all the different concepts in relation to nature that can be found in the texts, can be analyzed and researched in various ways.

The validity and truthfulness of the sources used in this research has in the past often been question, that is however not relevant to this research. The sources were written in medieval Iceland and can therefore be used to shed a light on how Icelandic people in those times, experienced nature, lived with nature, survived of nature and how they left their mark on nature.

This approach in researching medieval Icelandic texts has, to my knowledge, never been done in either historical or literary research. It’s conclusions and findings can be beneficial to many fields of studies in many different ways.
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
MA Bragi Bergsson (Project Leader)
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Duration of Project / Projektdauer Sep 2013 to May 2016