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Title / Titel Local candidate elections under proportional representation: magic combination or confusing incentives?
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Summary / Zusammenfassung Mixed electoral systems are increasingly popular around the world. They allow for the combination of elections in local, single-seat districts by majoritarian electoral rules with a nationwide proportional seat allocation on political parties. If in countries with majoritarian electoral rules, politicians feel pressured to move towards a more proportional electoral system, mixed electoral systems are a genius compromise. They combine elections in small, local districts, with proportional, national elections.

Similarly, other multi-layered electoral systems combine elections at two levels, and according to different institutional logics. The expectations in different kinds of multi-layered electoral systems are high: They should combine different elements, which are usually not compatible: regional representation with a countrywide proportional seat allocation; local representatives with party-based elections. Both lawmakers and academics have therefore discussed some of them as the "best of both worlds" (Shugart and Wattenberg, 2001a: 592-6).

This SNF-funded research project, investigates the impact of these systems on strategic behaviour, under particular consideration of the aspect of contamination – i.e. countervailing institutional incentives. Only few studies have considered that the desired effects of multi-layered electoral systems might also spill over to the whole system – and such an effect is not always desirable.
Publications / Publikationen Bochsler, Daniel, and Julian Bernauer. 2014. "Strategic Incentives in Unconventional Electoral Systems." Representation 50 (1):1-12.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2014. "Which Mixed-Member Proportional Electoral Formula Fits You Best? Assessing the Proportionality Principle of Positive Vote Transfer Systems." Representation 50 (1):113-27.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2015. "Bending the Rules: Electoral Strategies Under Mixed Electoral Systems." Representation 51 (2):261-7.
Bochsler, Daniel. 2014. "Verhältniswahl mit regionaler Sitzgarantie für den Walliser Staatsrat." Aarau: Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau (ZDA).

Bochsler, D (2009). Are mixed electoral systems the best choice for central and eastern Europe or the reason for defective party systems? Politics and Policy, 37(4):735-767.

Bochsler, D (2007). How proportional are mixed compensatory electoral systems? Determining the necessary share of compensation mandates in mixed systems. Symposium: Democracy and Its Development 2005-2011 G07-01, Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California.

Bochsler, Daniel (2012). A quasi-proportional electoral system ‘only for honest men’? The hidden potential for manipulating mixed compensatory electoral systems. International Political Science Review, 33(4):401-420.

Project leadership and contacts /
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Prof. Daniel Bochsler, PhD (Project Leader)
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SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung)
Duration of Project / Projektdauer May 2012 to Apr 2015