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Completed research project

Title / Titel Probing the dark matter issue in f(R)-gravity via gravitational lensing
PDF Abstract (PDF, 14 KB)
Summary / Zusammenfassung For a general class of analytic f(R)-gravity theories, we discussed the weak field limit in
view of gravitational lensing. Though an additional Yukawa term in the gravitational
potential modifies dynamics with respect to the standard Newtonian limit of General
Relativity, the motion of massless particles results unaffected thanks to suitable cancellations
in the post-Newtonian limit. Thus, all the lensing observables are equal to the
ones known from General Relativity. Since f(R)-gravity is claimed, among other things,
to be a possible solution to overcome for the need of DM in virialized systems, we discuss
the impact of our results on the dynamical and gravitational lensing analyses. In this
framework, dynamics could, in principle, be able to reproduce the astrophysical observations
without recurring to DM, but in the case of gravitational lensing we find that DM is
an unavoidable ingredient. Another important implication is that gravitational lensing,
in the post-Newtonian limit, is not able to constrain these extended theories, since their
predictions do not differ from General Relativity.
Publications / Publikationen Eur. Phys. J. C., Volume 72, (2012), pp. 1834
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Mario Lubini (Project Leader)
Dr. Joachim Naef  
Dr. Crescenzo Tortora
Prof. Philippe Jetzer
Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung)
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Jul 2010 to Jun 2012