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Completed research project

Title / Titel Using colors in neuroimaging
PDF Abstract (PDF, 14 KB)
Original title / Originaltitel Farbeinsatz im Neuroimaging – Bildtheoretischen und wahrnehmungspsychologische Aspekte der Farbkodierung in der funktionellen Bildgebung
Summary / Zusammenfassung Neuroimaging has become a key tool in trying to understand the brain. This project specifically looks at fMRI and PET methods that utilize colors to display brain scan results. Given the great importance of imaging technology, both in terms of scientific progress and the popularization of brain research, it is essential to understand the meaning of colors in communicating neuroimaging results. This interdisciplinary project joining researchers from neuroscience, ethics, fine arts and geography/cartography first provides a comprehensive quantitative overview on how color is used in neuroimaging. This survey serves as a basis to understand the importance of perception, cognition, and iconographic aspects in the generation of brain images. This will in turn help understand the function and impact of brain images on the perception and understanding of scientific results for experts and novices.

The research focus of the geography team is to provide additional empirically sound cartographic principles (including color) for the perceptually salient and thematically relevant display of spatial information.
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Keywords / Suchbegriffe Neuroimaging, fMRI, PET, color, iconography, perception, psychology
Project leadership and contacts /
Projektleitung und Kontakte
Prof. Sara Fabrikant (Project Leader)
Dr. Markus Christen (Project Leader)
MSc Gianluca Boo
Other links to external web pages Dr. Markus Christen (Institute of Biomedical Ethics) is the primary investigator of this project.
Funding source(s) /
Unterstützt durch
Cogito Foundation
In collaboration with /
In Zusammenarbeit mit
Dr. Deborah Ann Vitacco / PD Rd. Peter Brugger
Neuropsychology Unit
Department of Neurology
University Hospital Zurich
Dr. Lara Huber
Philosophy Department
TU Braunschweig
Julie Harboe
Competence Center Art & Public
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Dec 2009 to Jan 2017