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Title / Titel Constructing War Time Experience: Transnational Circulation of Narrative and Visual Stereotypes in European Feature Film Between 1943 and 1949.
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Original title / Originaltitel Diffundierende Bild- und Erzählformen im europäischen Spielfilm zwischen 1944 und 1949. Zur Konstruktion filmischer Kriegs- und Nachkriegserfahrung.
Summary / Zusammenfassung The dissertation project aims at aesthetic diffusion in European feature films in the 1940s. The thesis focuses on filmic strategies that deal with the experiences of World War II and its immediate aftermath. It will explore the circulation of images and narrative stereotypes analyzed in selected films from various European countries and discuss the outcomes in terms of a transnational aesthetic. Based on the hypothesis that the transnational diffusion of cinematographic forms did not stagnate but continued under the conditions of a (political and national identity) crisis, I want to outline processes which let emerge key images and “typical” figurations which construct wartime experience on screen. Within this setup, the year 1945 is regarded as a historical marker crucial to European film production, but the notion of its constituting an epochal change is necessarily challenged.
Acknowledging cinema as a system of its own logic that does not simply mirror socio-historical reality and ideological claims, one will have to ask how similar styles and images function in different ideological fields and how certain filmic styles evolve and transform when subjected to different political, economical, and social conditions of production. Questions of genre, character construction, visualization, and narrative techniques will constitute a set of chapters of close analysis, while a study of political, economic, and personal conditions of cinematographic diffusion will offer the critical background against which the conclusions of the analysis can be contextualized.
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Mag.phil Geesa Tuch (Project Leader)
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SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung), No project-specific funding
Doktorandin im ProDoc:Cinéma et dispositifs audiovisuels: Discours et pratiques; Forschungsmodul: Diffusion - Über das transnationale Zirkulieren filmischer Bilder und Bildformeln,
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Oct 2009 to Dec 2018