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Title / Titel “Made in China”. The Chinese audio-visual animation. History, styles and models of diffusion in China.
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Original title / Originaltitel « Made in China » L'animation audio-visuelle chinois. Histoire, styles et modèles de diffusion en Chine.
Summary / Zusammenfassung During the last decade China has been experiencing a phase of great growth of its economy in the international markets. Such a phase is, still today, not yet exhausted and so it has caught the other countries’ attention both for its economic dimension and its socio-political one, arousing hard controversies related to the human rights, the political structure, the trade rules, etc..
The media sector, and particularly the audio-visual one, is today a very important means useful for studying the Chinese reality. The media are considered like cultural institutions able not only to transmit feelings, ideas, values and memoirs but also to relate with a mass public because, as it happens for the cinema, they can join the strength of the words with that of the image.
Very interesting in this media context is the factory of the animation, both because supported by specific economic policies in the national area, and because particularly boosted in the international area above all for the diffusion.
Though the strategic importance of the animation (economic importance, heterogenous target, etc.), from the point of view of the Chinese factory, the existing studies about the production and diffusion of the Chinese animation are still today limited.
This project aims to get into a direction of study which is still not much practised in the European and American outline, caused also by various difficulties in finding some documents and by the linguistic barriers.
In such a context the project will analyse the Chinese animated production in relation to its production methods and to its main broadcasting channels both at home and abroad.
Publications / Publikationen • SARFT 2008: SARFT, Guangdian lanpishu. 2008 Nian zhongguo guangbo dianying dianshi fazhan baogao [China’s Radio, Film and Televisio Blue Book 2008. Report on Development of China’s Radio, Film and Television], Beijing, Development Research Center of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), Xinhua Publishing House, 2008, 78–85.
• Song 2007: Peiming Song, Xian Wang, «Shenzhen: A Completely New City Born for Creative Ideas», in Xian Wang (dir.), Creativity in China, Beijing, China Intercontinental Press, 2007, 112–113.
• Tursi 2007: Antonio Tursi, Estetica dei nuovi media. Forme espressive e network society, Milano, COSTA & NOLAN, 2007.
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Keywords / Suchbegriffe China, animation, diffusion, Beijing, Honk Hong, Shangai, Imagi Studio, CCTV Television, Cinema, Movie, DVD, Internet, Beijing University, Manhua, Manga, Anime, Japanese Animation, Korean Animation.
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Dr. Vincenzo De Masi (Project Leader)
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Doktorand im ProDoc:Cinéma et dispositifs audiovisuels: Discours et pratiques; Forschungsmodul: Diffusion - Über das transnationale Zirkulieren filmischer Bilder und Bildformeln
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Prof. Giuseppe Richeri, China Media Observatory (CMO), Faculty of Communication Sciences, Lugano. Switzerland
Dr. Qing Luo, Communication University of China, Beijing. China
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Oct 2009 to Jun 2013