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Title / Titel Migration in the Transcultural (Filmic) Space: Moving Images of Adolescence
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Original title / Originaltitel Migration in transkulturellen (Film-)Räumen: Adoleszens-Bilder in Bewegung
Summary / Zusammenfassung The transnational circulation of filmic images and image formulas implies a shift in perspective which needs further research. It is well-established that filmic landscapes are no longer negotiated as self-contained entities, but as transcultural and transnational articulations. This project examines the dissemination and the dialogue between images and image-formulas on the basis of selected films from France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland between the 1980s and today.
Within this context, particularly films of the Cinéma beur as well as of the Accented Cinema seem relevant, as they import the gaze of the Other into the European filmic landscape. Thus, not only experiences of migration, political asylum and post-colonialism are thematized on the narrative level, they can also be found on the aesthetic level. The research does not exclusively focus on the migration as well as the dialogue across national, linguistic and cultural borders, but more particularly on the migration of the gaze within transcultural spaces. The global diffusion of images generates (mental) images of escape, migration and movement. Within these reflexions, the attention to filmic space seems especially relevant. Film does not depict space as an absolute entity, but as a genuine space of transformation. This project thus examines the question how the representation of transnational spaces of migration is constituted across the borders of international film production.
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Projektleitung und Kontakte
Mag. phil Katharina Klung (Project Leader)
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SNF (Personen- und Projektförderung), Others
Doktorandin im ProDoc:Cinéma et dispositifs audiovisuels: Discours et pratiques; Forschungsmodul: Diffusion - Über das transnationale Zirkulieren filmischer Bilder und Bildformeln
Duration of Project / Projektdauer Nov 2009 to Dec 2016