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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Behrendt Green Software – Establishing and Exploiting Potentials for Environmental Protection in Information and Communication Technology (Green IT)
Hilty CarbonFoodPrint – a Database Calculating the CO2 Footprint of Foods
Assessing the Energy Intensity of Internet Data Transmission
Technology Assessment of Positioning Technologies
Computational Modeling of Metal Stocks and Flows with a Focus on Global Temporal and Geographic Dynamics
A Comparison of System Dynamics and Agent-Based Modeling Approaches to Model Environmental impacts of ICT
Systematic Improvement of Life Cycle Inventory Databases
Energy Harvesting in Fitness and Wellness Studios – a Case Study in Gamification and Requirements Elicitation
TBDIS – A Debate Structuring System
Hilty Olschewski Analysing Swiss Wood Markets - An Institutional and Computational Economic Approach
Nowack Hilty Dynamic Probabilistic Material Flow Analysis

Last update 01.01.2016