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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Auer Silk as an adaptable 3-D matrix for defect repair in subchondral and cranial bone
Clement Frey Spying on cells: Towards the establishment of a new non-viral drug delivery system using silica-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs).
Gerber Muscle degeneration in sheep after chronic disuse and atrophy
Hunziker Regeneration of cartilage
Kronen Non-invasive, percutaneous Transport of Oxygen and pharmacological substances in the treatment of joints-experimental studies as proof of concept in sheep
Semiquantitative pain assessment in using thermal threshold variation sheep with an osteochondral defekt
Pharmacokinetics of transdermally administered Carprofen in sheep
Mark Investigating the effects of QuickSana on wound healing
Meyer Improvement of tendon anchorage in the bone channel in anterior cruciate ligament repair
Nuss Thrombus modulator in aneurisms
AneuX _ Modeling shape as a biomarker for instability of intracranial aneurysms
The role of multinuclear giant foreign body cells (FBC) n synthetic biomaterials
Olbrich Reality in veterinary medicine
Siebenrock von Rechenberg Impingement mechanism in the development of hip coxarthrosis in sheep
Streiff Loading of horses - comparison of different techniques
Stübinger Reconstruction of bone defects through local release of
Influence of design and surface treatment of dental implants
Biocompatibility testing of titanium implants in the pelvic model in sheep
Tannast Femoroacetabular Impingement: From an Experimental Sheep Model to Patient Care
von Rechenberg Novel intramedullary nail design – an experimental study in sheep
Testing osseointegration in a mechanically loaded titanium implant enhanced with SurfLink® molecules in the stifle of sheep
Implantation of autologous disc chondrocytes linked to a hydrogel into pre-damaged nucleus pulposus in sheep
Magnesium implants for growing animals
Anchorage of anterior cruciate ligaments by means of BoneWelding(r) technology
Embolization study in pigs
Sensing peri-implant disease Acronym: STEP
Cancer Cycles in Dogs
Immediate stabilization of pedicle screws in deficient bone
A Novel Multi-Phosphonated Surface Treatment of Orthopaedic Implants: A Study in Sheep
Investigating the effects of a systemic biomimetic substance on osseointegration of metal implants
Monitoring osteomyelitis by biomarkers following systemic inflammation parameters
Evaluation of a cartilage replacement with fetal cells in hydrogel – an experimental study in goats
Critical size defects in the tibia shaft: Bone enhancement with adipose stem cells (ASCs) in sheep
From Superparamagnetic Nano-Particles until Tools for Detection and Treatment of Cancer
Development of an Optimised Laser Head for Contact-Free Laser Osteotomy with real-time automatic Depth Control for increased safety
[FlusiTex] Fluorescence sensing integrated into medical textiles
B5 platform: Biological Biodegradable and anti-Bacterial Burn-wound Bandages.
Experimental study with elastic plating (G3) in transverse osteotomies in sheep
Dynasuture – a novel suture material
Biocompatability of inorganic biomaterials – in-vitro bioactivity protocls for prediction of in-vivo Implant viability
Development of an optimised Laser head for contact-free laser osteotomy with real time automatic Depth -control for increased safety
The role of PARP1/ARTD1 in rotator cuff pathology
Resorbable liquid bone cements in sheep
Evaluation of the biodegradation behavior of beta-TCP cylinders with four different pore diameters. An in vivo study
Modified titanium surfaces for dental implants
Composites as synthetic bone replacement
Entwicklung eines Sägeblattes zur Gewebe-schonenden Osteotomie
Remodeling of cartilage
Contractile synthetic suture material
Electrochemical surface treatment of metallic implants
Osteogenic coating of spinal cages: experimental animal study in sheep
Modification of sandblasted titanium surfaces to reduce wear particle formation
Dental implants and osseointegration after surface treatment
Tendon repair within the tendon sheet using a bioresorbable foil as a wrap
Cartilage replacement with photooxidized osteochondral grafts
Degeneration of cartilage: Correlation between MRI and histology findings using a novel technology in MRI
Saddle measurements with an electronic saddle pad (Novel GmbH) in horses with back pain
Project: BoneWelding Technology
Healing of bone defects using hydrogels as carrier systems for growth factor release
TCP-Ceramics in combination with biomimetic substances to enhance bone formation
Local drug delivery using BoneWelding technology as anchorage system
Novel macrosurface of metal implants
Effect of metal alloys composition of interface membrane formation
Multicenter study: Diseases of Arabian Horses
Development of instrumentation and technique for retrograde implantation of osteochondral cylinders in the tibia plateau
A study of biochemical changes at the bone-cement, or bone implant interface associated with aseptic loosening in metallic implants
Development and characterization of a new functional surface of metallic implants made of titanium undergoing different anodisation procedures according to the TiMax technology
Bioresorbable implants as carriers for IGF-release
Regulation of growth plate longitudinal growth after periosteal transection and elevation
Study of conformation in horses with a new photogrammetric method
The effect of macrocyclic carbon suboxide (MCS) factors isolated from Helleborus purpurascence on cells from the musculoskeletal system
The effect, behavior and distribution of supraparamagnetic nanoparticles (SPIONs) in the musculoskeletal system
Osteochondrosis as a model for the remodeling capacity of bone and cartilage
Effect of laser osteotomy on bone healing using a tibia osteotomy model in sheep
Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament
Changes in tendon morphology in rotator cuff problems
Amorphous cement as bone replacement
Osteogenic synthetic bone material
Biomechanical and in vivo investigations of stability and fracture healing with different configurations of osteosynthesis using the LCP in sheep
Biodegradable implants to prevent contamination
Biomimetic agents for enhancing bone formation in combination with scaffolds
Spine welding
Bone healing with plate constructs with locking and FCL screws
Local Drug Release from polymer containers using the bone welding technique for implantation
Bone enhancement with fetal cells
Effect of topography of metal surfaces on osseointegration of implants
Fixation system for spine implants in growing lambs
Revcel implants
Evaluation of cartilage replacement with tissue engineered constructs
Evaluation of biocompatibility and resorption behavior of TCP-ß- and DCP-based biomaterials in a drill hole model in sheep
Evaluation of a new synthetic cartilage replacement
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL-R) using the bone welding technology
von Rechenberg Auer Subchondral bone cysts in horses

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