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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Artho Test of a user-oriented system to assist and motivate people to save energy in the household

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Artho Maintaining and Promotion of forestry companies where apprentices are trained
Socio-psychological basics to foster energy-saving behavior of individuals
Evaluation of the tentative removal of gates to enforce a ban on cars driving in nights
Potentials to Replace Motorized Individual Transports in Leisure Time by Other Means of Transport
Reducing Individual Motor Car Traffic Using a New Tool to Induce Behavior Change
Noise Reduction by Social Psychological Means
Evaluation of a Campaign to Promote Save Forest Operation in Private Forests
The Sufficiency Strategy on the Way to a 2000-Watt Society: Psychological Foundations
Compatibility of a Regional Nature Park and a Deep Geological Repository (Main Study)
Evaluation of a Pilot Scheme: Promotion of Energy Efficient Behavior of Young Adults in the Living Space
Evaluation of ‚UZH Forschungskredit’ – a Fund to Support Junior Academics
Bachmann Analysis of Survey Data among Alumni from University of Zurich
Boss "Army XXI" - Redesign of the Draft
Fichter The Image-Effect: Evidence, Description and Explanation
Heilmann Transformational Leadership and Personality: Similarity between Leaders and Followers
What exactly is Laissez-Faire Leadership?
Validation of a German-language individual-focused and a group-focused MLQ
Swiss Organizational Personality Questionnaire (SOPQ)
Askito: An open source
 Web questionnaire tool
WEBDATANET: web-based data-collection - methodological challenges, solutions and implementations
Jonas Hype or Promise? The Contribution of Collaborative Consumption to Sav-ing Energy
Jonas Wetter InsITE (Instrument against Insider Threat and Espionage)
Kovjanic How Transformational Leaders Foster Positive Employee Outcomes: The Self-Determination Theory Based Approach
Lebherz Name-Dropping and Its Effects as a Self-Presentational Tactic
Maier How Fairness Impacts the Perception of Transformational Leadership
Maurer Jonas Women Professors in Executive Boards of Universities
Reips Using the Internet for Research in Experimental Psychology
Privacy and self-disclosure online (PRISD)
Virtual Team Trainer

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