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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Beeler Institutional change and conflict: Fishery, stockbreeding and agriculture in the Niger inland delta of Mali
Bose Social inequality among the Oraon (Jharkand, India)
Duyne Towards sustainable disaster preparedness: The role of local, national and global responses in enhancing societal resilience to natural hazards in India and Nicagarua
The Role of Humanitarian Aid in the restoration of livelihoods in post-earthquake Gujarat
Vernacular Housing and Building Practices in Tsunami-hit coastal communities in Tamil Nadu
Furrer Käufliche Sexualität in Brasilien
Geiger Indigenous Peoples and Settlers: Resource Conflicts in Frontier Regions of South and Southeast Asia
Comparative analysis of processes of pacification
«Krieg den Hütten, Friede den Palästen»: Indigenous violence against settlers in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Haller Common Pool Resource management, institutional change and conflicts among Warufiji people in Rufiji floodplain Tanzania.
Common Property Institutions and Relations of Power: Resource-Management, Change and Conflicts in African Floodplain Wetlands (Zambia, Botswana, Mali, Tanzania and Cameroon)
Transversial Project Mandate: Peoples, Protected Areas and Global Change
Jufer The role of colonial power and force during the pacification of indigenous people between 1800 and 1930: A comparative study
Keller Imagining the “other”: The Masoala National Park in Madagascar and the Masoala exhibit at the zoo in Zurich.
Lichtensteiger Professionals cooperating across the Green Line in Cyprus: A social anthropological investigation into strategies for peacebuilding
Lombardi «The wind is always blowing from the south-east». Political stability and deescalating effects in Tonga
Makino Reconsideration of Anthropological Evaluation Method: Social and Cultural Impact of Metro-Manila Depressed Area, Philippines
Ottiger Peasant strategies and forest politics: Natural resource management in two tribal villages of Orissa, India
Roth Belastete Generationenbeziehungewn im interkulturellen Vergleich (Europa–Afrika)
Schwörer Processes of Pacification and the Elimination of Traditional Warfare in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea
Wenk Bounded spaces of coexistence: Land titling and settlers on indigenous domains in Mindanao, southern Philippines

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