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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Helfenstein Chiavacci Immigrants to Japan: An Analysis of Public Opinion with Special Focus on the Years from 1980 to Present

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Blechinger-Talcott Brumann Chiavacci Special Issue Project: Asian Studies, Vol. 67, No. 2
Blind Chiavacci Entrepreneurship in Japan since the Bubble Burst: a dynamic study of factors determining self-employment using the rule-based approach
Chiavacci Development and Current Crisis of Japan's Postwar Societal Model
Immigration and Immigration Policy in Japan until 2008
Japan's Immigration Policy: The Third Phase
Socio-Economic Integration and Exclusion of New Immigrants in Japan
Historical Development of Job Offices in Japan in Comparative Perspective
Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Mobility: Japan's Immigration Policy
Chiavacci Hommerich Book Project: Social Inequality in Japan - A Reassessment
Chiavacci Lechevalier Special Issue Project: Japanese Political Economy Revisited - Abenomics and Institutional Change
Chiavacci Obinger Activism in Contemporary Japan: New Ideas, Players and Arenas?
Chiavacci Wieczorek Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2013
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2012
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2011
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2010
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2014
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2015
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2016
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2017
Book Project: Japan Yearbook 2018
Chiavacci Ziltener Evaluation of the Impact of the Free Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (FTEPA) Switzerland-Japan
Gilgen Chiavacci "Social Integration" or "Economic Self-responsibility"? Disabled Person on the Japanese Labour Market
Holm Chiavacci Nation-building and Whaling in Northeast Japan
Löschke Chiavacci A sociological Analysis of the Japanese anti-nuclear movement after the reactor accident of Fukushima: The example of the mother network „National Network of Parents to Protect Children From Radiation“
Lottanti von Mandach Retention Management in Swiss Companies in Japan
Lottanti von Mandach Blind The Impact of Private Equity on Employment in Japan
Labor Market Perceptions in Japan
Lottanti von Mandach Chiavacci The Impact of the Revision of the Large-Scale Retail Stores Law on the Japanese Distribution System
Obinger Political consumerism and boycotting campaigns in contemporary Japan
Obinger Chiavacci Beyond Precarity: Alternative Forms of Activism and Entrepreneurship in Japan
Sturdik Chiavacci What does it mean to move out? Identity of people who moved out of former Dowa districts
Weiss Chiavacci Impact of new media on the media system and civil society in Japan: Reporting and anti-nuclear movement after the nuclear accident of Fukushima
Ziltener Blind Swiss Free Trade Agreements in Practice

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