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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Bürgin The Plum War: An anti-Judaic pogrom during the Helvetic era (1802) and its reception in historiography, social memory and religious remembrance culture
Scandal Cinema: Cinematic scandals as processes of social and cultural differentiation
Cojocaru The Problem of “Mesopotamian Religion”: Ancient Mesopotamian Classifications and Areas of Knowledge
Ghazivakili Queen – Priestess – Goddess: On the Construction of the Feminine in Elamite Religion and Its Relation to Female Religious Agency
Stickel Magi, Persians, Unbelievers – The Depiction of Zoroastrians in Early Muslim Sources
Uehlinger Material Religion, Visible Religion, and the Senses in Religion

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Amsler Purpose and Nature of the Talmudic Medical Units in Tractates Shabbat, Pessachin, Gittin and Avodah Zara (formerly: Concepts of sickness, prevention and health in the Babylonian Talmud)
Bachmann The Books of Esther: an exegetical commentary
Baudy The crucial impact of prohibitions of religion on the cultural and religious history of Europe
Cojocaru Royal Characters in the Ancient Mesopotamian Imaginary (Mythology, Inscriptions, and Art)
D'Souza The Challenges of Hindu-Christian Dialogue in the Context of Hindu Fundamentalism in India
David Correlations between Mircea Eliade’s Scientific Concepts and his Fantastic Prose
Frank Frames of religion. Theory of Religious Education based on an Empirical Research in Public Schools in Switzerland
Franz-Klauser Moritz Heidenheim (1824-1898) and his Bibliotheca Hebraica
Jaques The Sumerian goddess Lisin
Cuneiform Texts from Mari (area K)
"My God, what have I done?" Sumerian and Akkadian sha-dib-ba Prayers
Cuneiform texts at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva. 1. Old Babylonian letters
Kessler Material myth: objects as religious media, exemplified with Ethiopian "magic scrolls"
Koch Inheriting Egypt’s Canaanite Empire
Lubrich The Jewish Hat: A Cultural History
Lüddeckens Uehlinger Walthert Visible Markers of Religious Identity in Public Debate
Meylan A History of Western Mana
Plietzsch Torah and Temple Cult
Popa Action, Power and Prestige: A Study on Women in Akkadian and Assyro-Babylonian Sources
Riley Children as Active Participants in and Victims of Warfare: According to Iron Age Iconographic, Textual, and Archaeological sources
Rotach Water of Life or Death in the Desert: Jewish and Christian identity construction in receptions of Numbers 20 / Parashat Chukat
Rudolph Uehlinger Islamic community leadership training and religious education in Switzerland?
Schurte The "abominations" of Ezekiel 8: literary analysis and religio-historical background
Stickel Religious Change in Iran under the Early Safavids: Between Chiliasm and _Raison d’état_
Suter Uehlinger The Ivories from Samaria: Complete Catalogue, Stylistic Classification, Iconographical Analysis, Cultural-Historical Evaluation
Thomas-Fehr New Atheism and the Natural Sciences
Uehlinger Concepts of religion between Asia and Europe
Iconography of Deities and Demons in the Biblical World (IDD)
Assyrian sculptures as (religio-)historical sources
Uehlinger Burtea Däbtäras and "magic scrolls": intermediality and religious authority in Ethiopia
Uehlinger Eggler Iconography of animal representations in Palestine/Israel and Transjordan
Vandenreydt Buddhism between religion and philosophy
Widmer Religious storytelling in Indian miniature painting
Religious difference in the debate narratives of the Pali Canon
Wyssmann Coinage Imagery in Late Persian Period Samaria (4th cent. BCE)
Zwicky The World of Religions in One Book: The Conceptualization of Religion and Ritual and the Construction of Comparison in Bernard Picart’s "Cérémonies et Coutumes religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde"

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