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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bernstein CrowdLang - A Programming Language for Human and Machine Computers
Parallelized probabilistic detection of complex events on triple data streams
ViSTA-TV: Linked Open Data, Statistics and Recommendations for Live TV
A Market-based Approach for Querying the Web of Data
Analytical Fraud Detection
Monitoring Business Activity - Knowledge Discovery for Activity Monitoring
Automatic interpretation of experimental analytical data of organic molecules
Cultural Adaptivity for User Interfaces
e-LICO - An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Sciences
Talking to the Semantic Web: Query Interfaces to Ontologies for the Rest of Us
The Scalable Triple Store
SEALS EU infrastructures project - semantic tool benchmarking
Signal / Collect: Graph Algorithms for the (Semantic) Web
SimPack - A Java Library for Similarity Functions
iSPARQL and OptARQ: Towards Generic and Optimized Retrieval in Ontologies Using Similarity Joins
Beyond Monotonic Inheritance - Novel Approaches for Representing Ontology Data
Process Handbook
High-Precision Service Retrieval
Bernstein Gall The Smart SoftWareHouse
Bernstein Schwaninger The role of consideration information for x-ray image interpretation
Klein CATALYST: Collective Applied Intelligence and Analytics For Social Innovation
Reif Localina - A Recommender System for Locations and Events

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