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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Altmeyer-Müller Supportive and Obstructive Factors for Behavior and Learning in School – Development of an Observation Sheet for Teachers
Moser Opitz Fostering children with learning disabilities in mathematics in secondary school
Give up the counting strategies: An intervention-study in primary and special needs education classes
Fostering pupils with mathematical disabilities (MLD) in inclusive classrooms
Standardisation of a diagnostic test of mathematical learning disability in grade 4 to 5.
Numerical development of children with intellectual disability
Effective teaching practices in inclusive classrooms
Evaluation of special needs education services and inclusive schooling in Canton Schwyz
Structure of early childhood educators' domain-specific professional competencies and their effects on the quality of mathematical instructional situations in kindergarten and on children's increase in mathematical competencies
Pool Maag Micro-process analysis of coaching conversations with young people in vocational schools
Leadership Competencies of School and Education Board Leaders
Professional counselling and support in vocational training companies and vocational schools

Last update 01.01.2016