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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Frietsch Housing of the soul: Paintings of the interior in art around 1900
Gsell Judith Le Soldat – Collected Works
Operation Gender. Surgical interventions involving the gender body from psychoanalytical and cultural perspectives

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Affolter Islamistische Bewegungen in Tunesien im Wandel
Alici Sufi Concepts and Practice of the Khalwatiyya, 17th c.
Berriane Collective Lands, Political Change and Protest in Morocco: Transformations of Collective Actions, Citizenship and Gender Relations
Borszik Global Approach - Regional Realization
Brandenburg Dennerlein Japan and Islam 1890-1914: Between Global Communication and Pan-Asiatic Movement
Dennerlein Brandt Islam, Pluralisation and Gender: The Tunesian movement “al-Nahda”
Dennerlein Kreil Locating Trust in Cairo: Security, the State, and Neighbourhood Politics
Farag-Ehrler Dennerlein The Making of Women`s Rights in Contemporary Egypt
Gsell Esthetic surgery involving the external female genital organs in Switzerland between 1992 and 2012. A quantitative and qualitative study
Thomann The Concluding Part of the Arabian Nights in the Earliest Extant Manuscript
Yüksel Dennerlein Gender, Nation und Religion in türkischen Schulbüchern / Gender, Nation and Religion in Turkish Schoolbooks

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