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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Schembera Fighting Corruption in Global Business: The Role of Firm Size
Scherer Vögtlin Hietschold When individuals become social innovators: Investigating social innovative behavior and its individual and contextual preconditions
Schnider Macro- and Micro-Level Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility and Pro-Social Behavior
Überbacher Towards a General Theory of Organizational Delegitimation : Antagonistic Framings and Contestations over Corporate Legitimacy in the Corporate Tax Avoidance Field

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baumann Global Rules – Private Actors. The Role of the Multinational Corporation in Global Governance
Does The Role of Ontology in Organization Theory
Dungen Alt Professional Service Firms and Knowledge Intensive Work
Haack The Heuristic Foundation of Legitimacy in Transnational Governance: Evidence from a two-country survey experiment.
Legitimating Private Governance: The Case of the UN Global Compact
Haack Schoeneborn Martignoni Is Organizational Hypocrisy Merely a Transitory Phenomenon
Käser Collaboration as a Meta-Capability for Entrepreneurship
Corporate Health Management
Kaufmann Neuroeconomics and Organization Theory: reflections on a possible contribution exemplified by research on trust
Marti Organization Theory after the Financial Crisis: New Perspectives on the Regulation of Financial Innovations
Müller The Notion of Responsibility and Power in Economics
Pahl Money and Normativity: The Case of Sustainable Development
Schembera Organizing for Corporate Social Responsibility
Fighting Corruption in Global Business: The Role of Firm Size and ‘Collective Action’
Scherer Managing Legitimacy in Complex and Heterogeneous Environments: Sustainable Development in a Globalized World
Corporate Legitimacy and Corporate Communication – A Meso Level Analysis of Organizational Structures within Global Business Firms
Scherer Vögtlin Responsible Innovation and the Innovation of Responsibility: Governing Sustainable Development in a Globalized World
Schneider Corporate Governance and Human Rights in a Globalized Economy: The Opening of Organizational Information- and Interest-Structures as a Reaction to increasing Complexity and Legitimacy Deficits
Schnider Scherer Haack Eine empirische Überprüfung der Legitimation-as-Deliberation These
Schoeneborn Standardization as Negotiation: The Case of the Equator Principles in Project Finance
Organizations as Networks of Communications
Recontextualizing Anthropomorphic Metaphors in Organization Studies
Schoeneborn Haack Kuhn The Communicative Constitution of Global Partial Organizations
Schoeneborn Scherer Communication as Constitutive of Terrorist Organizations
Schoeneborn Trittin Scherer Towards a Constitutive Perspective on CSR Communication
Schoeneborn Vasquez Sergi Project organizing as negotiation of (dis)ordering
Thommen Leadership and Management from a Systemic-Constructivist Perspective
Trittin The challenges of organizational boundary management: CSR communication from a constitutive-polyphonic perspective
Vögtlin The Neuroscience of Business Ethics
Global Governance and CSR: The political role of the firm in global self-regulation
Vögtlin Kaufmann Leadership Ethics and Neuroscience Research
Vögtlin Patzer Responsible Leadership in Global Business: Conceptualization and Empirical Investigation
Vögtlin Scherer Making Responsible Leadership Relevant: Development and Validation of a Theory-Based Measure
Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management
Waibel The Bottom Up Development Perspective in the Innovation Process of Base of the Pyramid Ventures: Evidence from companies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Wickert Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises and “Political” Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from the Textile Industry
Organizing “Political” Corporate Social Responsibility in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework

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