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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Blanchet The Medium of Love: A New Theory of Empathy for Film, Television, and Reality
Bornkamm «Ambivalent atmospheres». The reception of early Egyptian films between Orient and Occident – 1920s-1940s
Cista Feelings of Space and Spaces of Feeling: Framing and the Construction of Affect in the Work of Chantal Akerman
Goldberg Strange Switzerland. The Self-Critical Representation of Switzerland in contemporary Swiss Cinema 1964-2004
Kuhn Between Frontiers – Anglo-American War Films of the 1950s/1960s and Their View of Germany in the World War II
Petraitis Telling Life('s) Stories – Historiographic Practices of Everyday Life in Contemporary Film
Reiter War and Documentary Film. A Critique on the Codification of Violence, Ideology and Propaganda

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Christen Documentation of film related material from the Dr.-Martin- Schlappner-collection (follow-up project)
Forms and Dimensions of the Cinematic Excess
Colletti The Female Stereotype in the Italian Horror Film (1957-1982)
Courcoux Of Machines and Men. Quests of Masculinity and Technological Modernity in Contemporary American Cinema
De Masi “Made in China”. The Chinese audio-visual animation. History, styles and models of diffusion in China.
Gerber Cinema, War and Switzerland: Public Debates in and about Cinema During World War I
Gertiser Riniker Education Films in Switzerland 1921-1964 (= project nr.3 of "Views and Perspectives. Towards a History of Documentary Films in Switzerland 1896 to 1964"
False Shame. Strategies of persuasion in Public Health Promotion Films on fighting venereal diseases 1915-1935
Hoff Linke Tanner Tröhler "Schizophrenia": Reception, semantic shift, and criticism of a concept in the 20th century. An interdisciplinary project.
Jacques Tourism as a Topic of Swiss Documentary Films
Kirsten Theory and History of Cinematic Realism as a Mode of Ostentation
Küttel Multilayered Diegetic Realities
Kulle Trash Cinema. Film between Reception and Aesthetics
Lento Discovering the Film Actor in Europe: Actoriality and Filmic Experience during 1910s.
Marx Figures of Evil in Films
Rall Close Encounters. On the Relationship between Cinema and Psychoanalysis
Rohrer Mexican Low Budget Films in their Transnational Context”
Sahli Film Studies for Highschool Teachers and other Professionals
Spiegel "The Estranged Screen. Towards a Poetics of Science Fiction Film"
Stauffer Stauffer von Keitz Surface Phenomena
Taylor The Thrills of Conspiracy. On the Theory and History of Paranoia Films
Trenka Jumping the Color Line: Vernacular Jazz Dance in American Film, 1929–1945
Tröhler Decentered Character Constellations in Films From the 90's
Alternative Worlds in the Politically Activist Documentary
von Keitz "Richard Oswald: Films from the 1920's (= part of the international research and restoration project "Richard Oswald. Director and Producer)
Exhibiting Film - Films in Installations. Intermedial Approaches to the Dispositive "Exhibition"
Moving Visions – Graphic Dreams. Towards a History of Swiss Animation Films
Zimmermann Industrial Films and Films in Commission
Geigy Design. Graphics, Advertising and Corporate Design of the J.R. Geigy Chemical Corporation 1950-1970
Zutavern The Activist Film. Film and Video Work in the Context of Social Movements and its Politics

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