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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Ates Rudolph Philosophy in the Turkish Republic: Processes of philosophical reception in the context of cultural transformation
Bachour The human body as a medicament: A study in cultural and medical history
Goesken Attitudes of Iranian intellectuals towards the West
Graf Rudolph The philosophy of Sadek al-Azm
Grobbel The image of the later imams in Shi'ite Islam
Heinzelmann Strategies of Imparting Knowledge in Popular Religious Literature of the Ottoman Empire (15th century)
Heinzelmann Sievert Literary culture in the Middle East, 17th and 18th c.
Knobel Rudolph Fakhr ad-Din ar-Razi's works on logic
Orthmann The role of astrology ind the Islamic world during the Middle Ages
The role of astrology ind the Islamic world during the Middle Ages
Rudolph Philosophy in the Islamic world (13-18th centuries)
Philosophy in the Islamic world (19-20th centuries)
History of Islamic philosophy
The tradition of Maturidian theology
Philosophy in the Islamic world (11-12th centuries)
Rudolph Lüddeckens Uehlinger Islamic community leadership training and religious education in Switzerland?
Rudolph Weaver Surveying knowledge in the tenth century Middle East: al-Maqdisi's Book of the Beginning and History
Schaerer Rudolph Philosophy and logic in the 12th Century
Seidel The reception of Kantian philosophy in Iran. It’s origins and significance
Sievert Imperial rule, negotiation and mediation: local and translocal actors in Ottoman and Italian Libya (1880-1920)
Colonialism, Islam and nation between East and West
Thomann Arabic astronomical documents
An Arabic commentary on the Almagest of Ptolemy, attributed to al-Farabi
Islamic chronology
Weaver Organising disagreement in the long ninth century: on the use of the term ‘khtilaf’ in the Abbasid period
Wuertz The Islamic scholar Sa’d ad-Din at-Taftazani

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