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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bansal-Tönz Malinar The songs of Purandara Dasa and their reception in Modern Bharata Natyam
Bofinger The significance of commercial Hindi film concerning the formation of Hindi as national language: a comparison of Hindi and English
Ganser Malinar The Place of the Performing Arts in Indian Religions: Abhinavagupta´s "soteriology of art" and its contexts
Grenner Malinar The Shakti-Pithas - The "Thrones of the Goddess" in India
Kempe-Weber Malinar The Bishnoi Sampradaya: A religious community in the context of religious pluralism in India
Krajnc Malinar Freedom, Individuality, and the Establishment of a Female Artist’s Existence in Mridula Garg’s Hindi novel ‘Cittakobra’ (1979)
Malinar European Women as Interpreters of Hinduism (1875-1947)
Narrative Structures and Philosophical-Religious Doctrines in the Mahabharata
Hindu Monastic Institutions and the Organisation of Religious Pluralism in India
Encyclopedia of Hinduism
The Madhva Gaureshvar Sampradaya in Orissa - Institutions, Texts and Practices of a Hindu Religious Tradition in its regional context
Malinar Frey History of Buddhism in Switzerland (texts, agents, organisations)
Malinar Leach Taxonomies of Religious and Philosophical Knowledge in Classical Sanskrit Literature
Mertens Studies on the Bhagavatapurana
Serbaeva The Notion of "Altered states of consciousness" in Tantrism and its European Reception
Vuille Malinar Krishna Sobti´s views on literature and the poetics of writing: On the relationship between theoretical positions and literary practice in modern Hindi literature
Wagner Malinar "The appearance of the Linga" (lingodbhava): Parallel versions of a Shaiva narrative in the Puranas
Wujastyk When the Vaidya met the Doctor: Medical Exchanges in 16th to 20th century India

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