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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Auer The European Referendum Revisited
Constitutional conventions, direct democracy and institutional change
Direct Democracy: The Latin American Experience
Swiss Courts and Direct Democracy
Democracy on the municipal level in Switzerland: institutions and experiences in the cities 1990-2000
Public authorities faced with direct democracy: structures, limits and effects of institutional mecanisms in Switzeralnd, Italy and the United States
Dynamics and actuality of direct democracy in a federal state
Citizen participation and direct democracy in Germany and Switzerland
Constitutional law of the Swiss cantons
Democratic Transitions in West Africa: Political Elites, Civil Society and Institutions
Auer Bisaz Theory of Direct Democracy
Chen Direct Elections of Residents Committees on the County Level in the People's Republic of China
Doleschal Constitutional adjudication in the Swiss cantons
Kuoni Direct Democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany
Massüger Constitutional conventions in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador
Mendez Auer The people's constituent power: referendums on sovereignty issues
Platipodis The referendum launched by authorities in the swiss cantons
Rohner The effectiveness of popular initiatives in Switzerland
Rumer The legal question of principled significance
Somer Cantonal Popular Initiatives: Normative Setting and efficiency

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