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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Babusiaux Rhetorical Influence on Judicial Methods in Classical Roman Law.
The Roman Law of Succession.
"Diritto romano cristiano" (Biondi) - The Christian Influence on Roman Law.
The Use of the Greek Language in Roman Law Texts.
Comparing Judicial Methodologies.
European Methodology and the Harmonisation of Laws.
Bonorum possessio - the pretorian Law of Succession.
The Roman imperial procedure - cognitio extra ordinem.
Reform projects of the Civil Codes in France and Switzerland.
Decretum - A Commentary on European Civil Law.
Actio praescriptis verbis and the Innominate Contract in Roman Civil Procedure
Babusiaux Ernst Handbook on Roman Private Law.
Winkler Mathematics and Logic in Julian's Digest.

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