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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Kovar Develop your practical skills in biotechnology
Oelkers Research review: development and implementation of education standards in North America
The aims of the Zurich Lectorium "Schola Tigurina" 1532 – 1575
What determines the relationship between young and old?
Swiss Virtual Campus Status Reports and Project Monitoring
Oelkers Miller eQuality. Swiss Virtual Campus Pedagogical Support and Evaluation Group.
Oelkers Reusser Expertise for the implementation of education standards
Seith Children and Domestic Violence: A Study of Their Understandings, Coping Strategies and Needs
Support for Children Living with Domestic Violence - Evaluation of an Affirmative Action Programme in Baden-Württemberg in the Context of Law Reforms in Germany (protections orders)
Betwixt and Between: Negotiating Gender and Generation in State Family Support and Child Protection - the Case of Domestic Violence
Prevention of Domestic Violence Through Schools - Evaluation of an Affirmative Action Programme in Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
Szaday Reconnecting to school: Overcomming school exclusion

Last update 01.06.2010