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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Kouyos Using transmission networks for assessing and guiding prevention efforts in HIV

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Alizon Günthard Bonhoeffer Measuring the heritability of set-point viral load in HIV-1 infections
Beerenwinkel Dealing with data sparseness of combination therapies in the SHCS dataset
Beerenwinkel Günthard Large-scale statistical analysis of treatment change episodes in the SHCS database
Beerenwinkel Günthard Metzner Ultra-deep sequencing of HIV: a pilot study evaluating the benefit for predicting therapy outcome
Bonhoeffer Günthard The rate paradox in HIV evolution: Resolving the discrepancy between the within and between patients rates of evolution of HIV-1
Fellay Viral genotype as study phenotype in human genome-wide association analysis
Fischer Günthard Metzner Identification of mechanisms controlling HIV-latency in vivo and targets to clear the latent reservoir of HIV-1
Glass Von Wyl Adherence as a predictor of the development of class-specific resistance mutations
Günthard Long-term trends and transmission of individual drug resistance mutations as defined by the IAS-USA mutation list in the Swiss HIV cohort Study and dependence on changing antiretroviral treatment regimens
Clinical presentation and unusual features of 290 patients with an acute HIV-1 infection and evaluation of an acute HIV-1 infection severity score to determine the clinical, virological and immunological outcome.
Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP): Zurich Primary HIV Infection Study. (Part of the CRPP: Viral infectious Diseases)
Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS)
Effect of Interferon-alpha on the HIV-1 Latent Reservoir in HIV-1 / HCV coinfected Patients
Characterization of acute and recent HIV-1 infections in Zurich: a long-term observational study
Viral dynamics as a correlate of immunological response in patients treated with intermittent potent antiretroviral therapy.
Humoral immunity to HIV-1: Analysis of the function of antibody responses as correlate and surrogate marker of viremia control
HIV-1 drug resistance in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study: Epidemiology and impact on the management of HIV infected patients
Factors associated with viral control after primary HIV-1 infection and viral determinants associated with HIV-1 transmission
Evaluation of possible impact of minor populations of 3TC-resistant mutations in the reverse transcriptase of HIV-1 in acute seroconverters on the effect of antiretroviral therapy.
Completing the Swiss HIV-Cohort drug resistance database: A comprehensive, longitudinal, representative tool to address resistance at at the level of basic, epidemiological and clinical science.
Estimate of potential antiretroviral activity of Etravirine in the SHCS based on genotypic drug resistance information.
Swiss HIV Cohort Study: “Evaluation of potential underdetection of plasma HIV RNA in patients of the SHCS by the Roche Taqman assay when compared to the Roche Amplicor monitor assay
Raltegravir Use in the SHCS– Evaluation of Efficacy, Safety, Plasma Levels and Evolution of Resistance
Retrospective Sequencing of old sequences for complementation of the Swiss HIV Cohort Drug Resistance Database
Estimate of potential antiviral activity of Etravirine in the SHCS based on genotypic drug resistance information.
HIV-Transmission in Switzerland: Long term-molecular epidemiology and biological properties of transmitted viruses
ZIEL Study: "Zurich HIV Genotyping and Drug Level - Study."
Primary HIV-1 infection in Zurich
Linking the SmartGene and SHCS databases for developing a useful research tool
Evolution of the V3-loop of HIV-1 envelope from plasma of patients undergoing structured treatment interruptions
A probe study to evaluate HIV-1 specific cell mediated immune responses in HIV-1 infected patients treated with potent antiretroviral therapy (ART) during acute or recent infection (Product V520, Protocol 013-01)
Günthard Metzner Minority quasispecies of drug-resistant HIV-1: Emergence, transmission, dynamics, and clinical relevance in acute and chronic HIV-1 infection.
Clinical impact of minority quasispecies of drug-resistant HIV-1 on first-line treatment containing a NNRTI in treatment-naïve, chronically HIV-1 infected patients
HIV-1 whole-genome quasispecies analysis by ultra-deep sequencing and computational haplotype inference to determine the mechanisms of drug resistance development
Evolution and diversity of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 in vivo
Günthard Metzner Kouyos The interplay of host and viral factors in the hurdle to cure HIV-1
Günthard Trkola Analysis of the correlates of protection in structured intermittent therapy: An in vivo model of acute HIV infection?
Hangartner Günthard Isolation and characterization of heterosubtypic influenza virus-specific antibodies
Keiser Social meets molecular: combining phylogenetic and latent class analyses to understand HIV-1 transmissin in Switzerland
Kouyos Combining molecular epidemiology approaches and mathematical models for the spread of HIV and its coinfections
HIV Transmission Clusters in two HIV Epidemics from Western Europe
The collateral effect of ART on co-infections in HIV-infected individuals in the Swiss HIV-cohort Study
Metzner Ciuffi Measurement of inducible HIV reservoir
Metzner Günthard HIV-1 integration sites and their impact on HIV-1 pathogenesis
Metzner Regoes Phylo-Anatomy of Virus Infections: Inferring Anatomical Colonization Pathways From High-Throughput Genetic Data
Müller Günthard Ethnic differences in the progression of untreated HIV infections in the SHCS
Müller Metzner Kuntzen Hepatitis C Virus evolution and virus-host interactions after orthotopic liver transplantation
Oxenius Günthard Humoral immune response to gastrointestinal bacteria as a potential read-out for microbial translocation during late-stage HIV-1 infection
Pillay Günthard Antiviral role of APOBEC3 in HIV/HCV coinfected patients: survey of peginterferon-treated individuals in the SHCS
Collaborative HIV and Anti-HIV Drug Resistance Network - CHAIN
Rauch Keiser Metzner Understanding and Predicting the Hepatitis C Epidemic in HIV-infected Patients
Rauch Metzner Günthard Prevalence and relevance of HCV drug resistance in the SHCS
Stadler How does HIV-1 drug resistance evolve at a population level?
Trkola Searching the SHCS sample repository for broadly neutralzing antibodies using a novel, NGS based screening algorithm
Determining the role of cell-cell transmitting HIV
Defining determinants of broadly neutralizing antibody evolution in viral infection to guide vaccine development
von Wyl Günthard Using viral sequence data to inform the parametrization of mathematical models of theHIV-1 epidemic in Switzerland

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