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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati Urban Images Religious Interpretation of the Ancient City
Fritz Perlini The Contribution of Churches to the Development of Film in Switzerland
Glavac The Representation of the „Other“ in Caricatures Selected Examples in the European History of Religion
Höpflinger Methods of Research in Heavy Metal
Spaces of Death. Ossuaries in Switzerland
Religious Clothing and Dress Religion. Interactions from the Perspective of the Study of Religion
Ophinomachy. A Comparison of Selected Images and Texts from the Greco-Roman World and the Ancient Near East
Höpflinger Dahinden Lavanchy Uncovering Gender NRP 58 Transverse Projekt
Höpflinger Pezzoli-Olgiati Commun(icat)ing Bodies Body as a Medium in Religious Symbol Systems
Second Skin Body, Clothing and Religion
Mäder Communication Spaces: Religion in Audiovisual Media
Filmmaking as a Space of Religious Communication. IdentityPprocesses in Swiss Documentaries
Religious Persuasion Through Media. A Semio-Pragmatic Intercultural Audience Study
The Journey in Feature Film as Process of Transformation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Interface between Religion and Film
Mäder Höpflinger Material and Medial Dimensions of Wedding Practices Across Diverse Cultures
Mäder Scolari International Exchange on Media and Religion III: The Highgate Cemetery in London. Images as Socio-Religious Practices
Meier Pezzoli-Olgiati The Representation of the Other in European Accounts of Travels to Crete during the Ottoman Period (1645-1898). A Discourse Analysis in the Study of Religions
Mendel Walking Pilgrims and Backpackers. A Visual-Anthropological Comparison from a Study of Religion’s Perspective
Pezzoli-Olgiati Visible Religion. An Introduction
The Passion in Culture
Media and Religion
International Exchange on Media and Religion II: Religion in Cultural Imaginaries Explorations in Visual und Material Practices
Meaningful Spaces
Invisible Worlds Afterlife in Visual Media and Religion
Constructing Gender in Religious Symbol Systems
Pezzoli-Olgiati Beinhauer-Köhler Valentin Religious Gaze – Gaze on Religions. Visuality and Religion
Pezzoli-Olgiati Fritz Film and Religion Facing Transmission Processes. The Religious-­Historical Motif of the «Holy Family» in Contemporary Arthouse Cinema
Pezzoli-Olgiati Mäder Lost in Transition
Pezzoli-Olgiati Rowland International Exchange on Media and Religion I: Approaching Visual Media
Scolari Pezzoli-Olgiati Danani The Figure of the Martyr in the Public Space. Discourse Analysis of the Relationship between Martyrological Representation and Political Legitimacy
Ulrich Pezzoli-Olgiati The Role, Effects, and Impact of Religious Symbolism in Successful Marketing Strategies. An Inquiry into Functional Analogies between Religious Motivation and Consumers’ Brand Loyalty

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