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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Breitschmid Theses
Current projects in the area of Civil law
Inheritance law / law of succession; probate / estate law and planning - de lege lata, de lege ferenda
Law of persons, rights of individuals, civil status, protection of privacy and the state/person relation
Family law (marriage, matrimonial property law; partnership; child law etc.) and patterns of relationships
Property law (ownership/exchange or termination of property rights)
Biomedical ethics and law; elder law
Law of guardianship / conservatorship; (revised) law on child and adult protection; custody matters
Conceptualisation of "successio", succession quarterly review, from 2007 Zürich Commentary, Art. 537ff. Swiss Civil Code Co-editor of a commentary on the Swiss Civil Code/Code of Obligations Co-editor of "Pflegerecht - Pflegerecht, Pflegewissenschaft", from 2012, Staempfli, Bern textbooks in various fields of law

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