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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Donatsch Overview of the Swiss Criminal Procedure
Influence of ECHR and constitutional law on the Swiss law regarding fiscal offences, SteuerRevue 1/2012, p. 33-40 and SteuerRevue 2/2012, p. 82-91
First Experiences with the evidence law, forumpoenale 4/2012, p. 235-241
Trends in Criminal Law Proceedings, SJZ 108 (2012) p. 405-408
Tax Criminal Law - Main Problems and Suggestions for Solutions, ASA 81 (2012) pp. 1
Commentary on the Penal Code, orell füssli, edition 2013, 949 pages, Donatsch, A. (Editor)/Flachsmann, S./Hug, M./Maurer, H./Riesen-Kupper, M./Weder, U.
Criminal Law III, Crimes against the Individual, 10th edition, Zurich 2013., 638 pages
Considerations of the Penalty Tax Law de lege ferenda, especially regarding the Standards of the GAFI (FATF), liber amicorum for Martin Zweifel, p. 227-239
Trends in Criminal law proceedings, SJZ 109 (2013) p. 385-387
Trends in Penal Law, SJZ 109 (2013) p. 524-528
Andreas Noll, The Right of the Accused of being present during Examination Hearings, Bern 2013, book review, SJZ 109 (2013) S. 562-563
Yvan Jeanneret/André Kuhn, Commentary on the Swiss Criminal Procedural Law, Bern 2013 and Niklaus Oberholzer, Principles of the Procedrual Law, 3rd edition, Bern 2012, book review, in: ZStrR 131 (2013) p. 449 f.
The law regarding fiscal offences and the general rules of the Swiss criminal law, especially in the case of minor fault, compensation and active repentance, in: Dogmatics and Practice in Tax Law, FS for Markus Reich, ed. by Laurence Uttinger/Daniel P. Rentzsch/Conradin Luzi, Zürich 2014, p. 319-332
Criminal Procedure (textbook), 2. Ed., Donatsch A., Schwarzenegger Ch., Wohlers W.
Commentary on the Code of Swiss Criminal Procedural Law, 2. Ed., 2586 pages, Donatsch, A./Hansjakob, T./Lieber, V.
Trends in Penal Law, SJZ 110 (2014) p. 578-582
Trends in Criminal law proceedings, SJZ 110 (2014) p. 432-435
International mutual legal assistance, including mutual administrative assistance in tax law (textbook). 2, Ed.
Commentary on the Ordinance against Excessive Compensation with respect to Listed Stock Corporations (VegüV) , ed. by Rolf Watter and Hans-Ueli Vogt, Vor Art. 24 and 25 -Art. 25.
The implementation of human rights ( ECHR , ICCPR ) in practice - from the perspective of a former Swiss judge
Criminal Procedure (textbook), Donatsch, A., Schwarzenegger Ch., Wohlers W.
Commentary on the Penal Code, orell füssli, edition 2006, 640 pages, Donatsch, A. (Hrsg.)/Flachsmann, S./Hug, M./Maurer, H./Weder, U.
Penal protection of the capital market from manipulative acts under the law of Switzerland and the EU, with particular consideration of the German and Greek law, Petropoulos, V., Thesis
Change of practice in criminal law, Graf, D., thesis
The criminal responsibility of the chief negotiator in relation to hostage taking, Kriminalistik 64 (2010) p. 47-53
General grounds for sentence reduction and absolute discharge in criminal tax cases, Steuer Revue 1/2010, p. 12-21
Evidence law, in particular in relation to witnesses, people with information and experts, in: Brigitte Tag/Max Hauri (Hrsg.), Schweizerische Strafprozessordnung, Ausgewählte Aspekte aus Zürcher Sicht, Zürich/St. Gallen 2010, p. 51-64
Review of the new Swiss Criminal Procedure Law, ZGRG 3/2010, p. 117-128
A criminal law perspective on the regulation of the notification obligation (Art. 20 BEHG) in the context of indirect acquisitions and a discussion of the relationship between the criminal law general clause and the specifying regulations, in: Communication, Honorary publication for Rolf Weber on his 60th birthday, Rolf Sethe/Andreas Heinemann/Reto M. Hilty/Peter Nobel/Roger Zäch (eds)
Possible criminal consequences of (failed) financial restructuring, in: Jürg-Beat Ackermann/Wolfgang Wohlers (Ed.), Bankruptcy and criminal law: penal risks before, during and after the general execution, Europa Institut Zurich, vol. 120, p. 1-18
The duties of the court regarding the abridged proceedings
Criminal Law IV, Crimes Against the General Public, 4. Ed.
Trends in Penal Law, SJZ 107 (2011) p. 521-526
Trends in Criminal law proceedings, SJZ 107 (2011) p. 389-391
Commentary on the Code of Swiss Criminal Procedural Law, 2195 pages, Donatsch, A./Hansjakob, T./Lieber, V.
Criminal Law and Medicine, ASC (SKG) conference transcript of the briefing course on October 26/27 st 2006 in Flims, Donatsch, A./Blocher, F./Hubschmid Volz, A. (Ed.)
Commentary on Swiss Tax Law, 2nd edition, Law of Harmonisation of Cantonal and Communal Taxes, Art. 59 - 61, Donatsch, A.
The right to a defence counsel at the beginning of criminal procedure, Donatsch, A./Cavegn, C.
Commentary on Swiss Tax Law, vol. I/2b, 2nd edition, Federal Law of Direct Federal Taxes (DBG), Art. 83-222, ed. by Martin Zweifel and Peter Athanas, Art. 186-195, p. 837-939
Pitfalls for the fiduciary in criminal law, Donatsch, A./Zuberbuehler, S.,
Commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedural Law in the Canton of Zurich, 4th supply, §§ 128-149c, 300 pages, editors: Donatsch, A./Schmid, N.
Commentary on the Penal Code, orell füssli, Donatsch, A. (Editor)/Flachsmann, S./Hug, M./Maurer, H./Weder, U./M. Riesen
Commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedural Law in the Canton of Zurich, 5th supply, §§ 5-19b, 238 pages, editors: Donatsch, A./Schmid, N.
Atonement without guilt, Donatsch, A./Frei, M., ZStrR 127 (2009) S. 40-50
Criminal Law III, Crimes against the Individual, 9th edition, Donatsch, A., 563 pages
Criminal liability of chief negotiators, Donatsch, A./Käser, B.
Utilisation of expertise in criminal procedure, anniversary publication for Franz Riklin, edited by Niggli, M.A. et. al., Donatsch, A./Zuberbühler, S., Zürich 2007
The Right of the Accused to Examine Witnesses (6 III lit.d EMRK) and the Consequences on Swiss, German and Austrian Criminal Procedure, Dr. Demko, D., Ass.-Prof., Habilitation
Interaction of penal and civil responsibility - from the point of view of substantial criminal and procedural law, responsibility in corporate law IV (ed. by Rolf H. Weber/Peter R. Isler), Zurich 2008, Donatsch, A., p. 147-161
Seizure, Dr. Heimgartner, St., Habilitation
The expert in criminal proceedings law, especially concerning his independence as well as the private consultant, Jusletter 14. May 2007, Donatsch, A.
Requesting medical procedures - consent or self-endangement? SKG conference transcript, Donatsch, A. (editor: Donatsch, A. et. al.)
The Company’s Duty to Prevent Offences, Dr. Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel, M., Habilitation
International mutual legal assistance, including mutual administrative assistance in tax law (textbook)
Criminal Law I, Criminology, 8th edition, 460 pages, Donatsch, A./Tag, B.
Criminal Law II, Sanctions/Juvenile Criminal Law, 8th edition, 250 pages, Hug, M./Jositsch, D./Schwarzenegger Ch. (editor: Donatsch, A.)
Criminal Law III, Crimes against the Individual, 8th edition, 480 pages, Rehberg, J./Donatsch, A./Schmid, N.
Criminal Law IV, Crimes against the General Public, 3. Aufl., 570 pages, Donatsch, A./Wohlers, W.
CD-Rom for Interactive Studies on Criminology, 2nd edition
Instructions of the criminal proceeding authorities to the procedure participants in criminal justice process, Zuberbuehler, S., Thesis
Revision of the Criminal Procedural Law in the Canton of Zurich from 27th January 2003, 84 pages, Donatsch, A./Weder, U./Hürlimann, C.
The criminal liability of directors with regard to their duties of organisation and delegation, in: anniversary publication for Hans Michael Riemer, Donatsch, A./Blocher, F. (editor: Breitschmid, P. et. al.)
Disposal of Confiscated Effects, Art. 169 StGB, Michael, M., Thesis
Accounting and Fiscal Crimes, Donatsch, A., in: The Swiss Fiduciary, 3/04, P. 201-207
Aspects of Illicit Business Transactions in Corporations, Art. 158 Ziff. 1 StGB, Donatsch, A., ZStrR 120 (2002) P. 1-25
Penal Responsibility on the Internet and other Networks of Electronic Communication, Dr. Schwarzenegger, Ch., Ass.-Prof., Habilitation
Deficiency in Direct and Indirect Agency - Civil and Penal Consequences (Art. 158 Ziff.2 StGB), Isenring, B., Thesis
The right to call and question witnesses for the defence, Cavegn, C., Thesis
Selected matters of the law of proof to the Code of Swiss Criminal Precedural Law, Donatsch, A./Cavegn, C., ZStrR 126 (2008) p. 158-173
Citation and The Right to be Present at the Hearing, Christen, St., Thesis
Criminal appreciation of the foul in ice hockey, Donatsch, A., forumpoenale 3/2008, p. 178-180
Outsourcing in criminal procedure, Donatsch, A./Blocher, F., ZStrR 126 (2008) p. 347-363
Access to files in criminal proceedings, Greter, J.-P., Thesis
John Griffiths/Heleen Weyers and Maurice Adams, Euthanasia and Law in Europe, Hart Publishing, Oxford, Portland 2008, book review, ZStrR 126 (2008), p. 457
Waiver of the accused on Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings, Zimmerlin, S., Thesis
Assets Achieved by Crime, Baumann, F., Thesis
The Protection of Military Secrets in Swiss Military Penal Law, especially concerning the Safety of Electronic Data, Hirsch, P., Thesis
Penal Responsibility in Majority Decisions, Camathias, P., Thesis
Investment Fraud, Cimarolli, S., Thesis
Malevolence concerning Fraud in Penal and Tax Law – Legal Assistance, Hürlimann, C., Thesis
The Governing Board’s Penal Responsibility of Organisation, Frei, S., Thesis
Problems of Applying Swiss Juvenile Criminal Law to Foreign Children and Juveniles, Goy-Bernet, T., Thesis
Seizure and Collection in Criminal International Legal Aid, Niedermann, B., Thesis
Self-endangerment of the Injured Person with special Regard to Swiss Federal Jurisdiction, Huber, A. E., Thesis
The Insider Offence - Comparative Law Study of the Swiss and U.S. Regulations with Regard to the E.U. Directives and the Current Developments of Capital Market Law, Hürlimann, S., Thesis
Differentiation of Robbery, Extortion and Hostage-Taking, Koch, A., Thesis
The legally relevant causal link in criminal and civil law, M. Frei, Thesis
Outsourcing, Ryser, R. M., Thesis
Fraud in Research – a Consideration of the Abuse of Governmental Research Support, Völger, M., Thesis
Seizure of Judicial Evidence of Electronically Stored Data in Criminal Proceedings, Aepli, M., Thesis
Proceeding in absentia in Cantonal Criminal Procedure (Zurich), Bühler, C., Thesis
Social benefit fraud, Käser, B., Thesis
Surrogates for Pre-Trial Confinement and Preventive Detention in Cantonal Criminal Procedure (Zurich), Fisnar, S., Thesis
Efficient Defence in Appeal Procedure, Illustrated on “Berufung” and “Nichtigkeitsbeschwerde” in Cantonal Procedural Law (Zurich), Graf, T., Thesis
To Appoint a Legal Advisor Free of Charge for the Injured Party in Cantonal Procedural Law (Zurich), Hauri, M., Thesis
Dangerous and Mentally Ill People in Pre-trial and Trial Detention, Hugentobler, M., Thesis
Opening of Investigation Proceeding with Special Regard to the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure Preliminary Project, Hürlimann, C., Thesis
Duty and Constraint to Witness in Cantonal Procedural Law (Zurich), Landshut, N., Thesis
Minuting in Criminal Proceedings, Näpfli, P., Thesis
Minors as Witnesses and Informants in Criminal Proceedings With Special Regard to the Psychological Aspects that are Relevant in Criminal Proceedings, Scheidegger, A., Thesis
The Informant in Cantonal Procedural Law (Zurich), Vogel, S., Thesis
Working Time and Rest Period of a Professional Driver, Bollag, R., Thesis
Criminal Liability of the Audit according to Stock Corporation Law, Bruggmann, U., Thesis
Music-Piracy on the Internet – Considerations of the Sanctions in Copyright Law, Glarner, A., Thesis
Punishing the Use of Doping according to Swiss Sports Law, Jörger, W., Thesis
Crisis and Recapitalisation of Incorporated Companies, particularly with Regard to Criminal Law, Kesselbach, S., Thesis
Sanctions According to the Federal Law of Stock-Market and Securities Trading, Nater, M. S., Thesis
Legal Aspects of Organ Transplantation with special Regard to Criminal Law, Schöning, R., Thesis
Betrayal in Agency According to Art. 158 StGB, Urbach, G., Thesis
Sanctions of the Supervision of Banking, Zanga, B., Thesis
Donatsch Arnold Trends in Criminal law proceedings, SJZ 111 (2015)
the Impact of the ECHR on the Swiss Criminal Procedure Law
Donatsch Baumgartner Jurisdiction in particular in respect of local criminal law
Donatsch Bazzi International industrial espionage, An analysis of the criminal defense posture of Switzerland
Donatsch Blocher Fraud committed by ommission or implied acts, Blocher, F., Thesis
Donatsch Caspar Conduct of the Main Hearing (art. 229 - 345 StPO)
Donatsch Cavallo Trends in Penal Law, SJZ 108 (2012) pp. 546
Bail in the Swiss Criminal Procedure, Cavallo, A., Thesis
Donatsch Demarmels The standing to complaint in the cantonal criminal proceedings (Art. 381 f. StPO)
Optaining expert reports and testimony from civil proceedings in the Criminal Procedure
Donatsch Graf The criminal liability of corporate officers, Habilitation
Donatsch Hiestand Wording of the law or general principles for the interpretation of the rules for the swiss code of crminal procedure, ZStrR 132 (2014) 1-17
The risks of kickbacks and rectrocessions in trust administration, especially regarding bribery in the private section (Art. 4a UWG), Thesis
Donatsch Ivic Restructuring and Criminal Liability, Ivic, I., Thesis
Donatsch Jeker Search and seizure in respect of privileged documents in criminal proceedings, Thesis
Donatsch Jost Misuse of salary deductions according to article 159 of swiss cirminal code
Donatsch Klein Trends in Penal Law, SJZ 111 (2015)
Donatsch Koutsogiannakis The Confession in the Summary Penalty and Acceleratae Proceedings
Donatsch Lins The Utilisation of Unintendedly Remained Human Embryos for Research Purposes, Lins, L., Thesis
Donatsch Mc Gough Unlawful activities on behalf of a foreign state (art. 271 StGB)
Donatsch Niedermann The people with information in the context of examination hearings conducted by the police (Art. 179 StPO)
The seizure of recordings and the requirement that they be kept under seal in Swiss law
Donatsch Omar The protection of privacy in criminal law in connection with the processing of data, Dr. Abo Youssef, D., Habilitation
Donatsch Rimml Penal Responsibility of Pharmacists, Rimml
Donatsch Rohner Consent in Criminal Law, especially in Connection with Testing New Drugs
Donatsch Rüdisser Surveillance of Banking Transactions (Art. 284 f. Swiss Criminal Procedure Code)
Donatsch Schwarzenegger Jositsch Kuhn Criminology, Criminal Policy and Criminal Law in an International Perspective, Essays in honour of Martin Killias, ed. by A.Kuhn/P. Margot/M. F. Aebi/C. Schwarzenegger/A. Donatsch/D. Jositsch, Bern 2013
Donatsch Smokvina Investigations of the FINMA and the Principle of "nemo tenetur"
Donatsch Stoffel Containment of the penal responsibility by delegation
Donatsch Summers The Right to a "Fair" and "Proportionate" Sentence: Reflections from Switzerland on the Role of Constitutional Norms in Sentencing Law, Dr. Summers, Sarah, Habilitation
Donatsch Tag Criminal Law I, Criminology, 9th edition, 447 pages, Donatsch, A./Tag, B.
Donatsch Tinner Benefit and legal Position of a Lawyer for animals according to the example of this Institution in Kanton Zürich, Tinner, M., Thesis
Donatsch Velioglu Records of hearings (StPO)
Donatsch Weder Bankruptcy fraud and fraud relating to seizure as well as damaging the creditor’s interests through the reduction of assets, Weder, M., Thesis
Donatsch Welte Exploring the Tension Between the Obligation on the Police of Swiss to Prevent and Prosecute Crime
Donatsch Zbinden Capacity To Be Party, To Sue and Be Sued in Court, Zbinden, B., Thesis
Schnyder Heierli Donatsch Liability in civil law regarding money laundering
Schwarzenegger Baltisser Donatsch Malware in swiss penalty law
Weilenmann Donatsch Medical Estimate and Personal Medical Attendance Report, Thesis

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