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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Büchler Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
Büchler Schwenzer Scientific Series in Family Law

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Angstmann A Civil Code without Family Law?, Thesis
Bertschi Surrogacy: Legal Perspectives in Swizerland, USA and India, Thesis
Brozzo Marriage in Isamic and Jewish Law
Büchler Divided Motherhood accross the Globe. Surrogacy and legal and cultural encounters
Egg donation de lege lata and de lege ferenda
Medically Assisted Reproduction in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates Sunni and Shia Legal Debates
Regulating the Sacred – Organ donation and transplantation: autonomy and integrity of the person or social responsibility of the body?
Art. 28b CC - Civil law interventions in cases of domestic violence
Family Law - A Textbook; 3rd Ed.
Prenatal Diagnosis - An interdisciplinary approach
Multilocal families
The Right (not) to have a (specific) child - Dimensions of reproductive autonomy
Domestic Violence and Parental Autority
The Reform of the Law on Child Maintenance
Commentary on Swiss Family Law, 4th Edition
Self-sufficiency in maintenance law
Surrogacy and International Private Law in Switzerland
Cultural diversity and Family law
Children and Divorce - Current Legal Practices and their Impact on Family Transitions
Commentary on the revised Law on Adult Protection
Legal Concepts of Life and the Person in Light of Religious Pluralism
Commentary on Child Law
Marriage Partnership Children. An Introduction into Swiss Family Law
Islamic Familiy Law
Medically Assisted Reproduction in Islamic Legal Discourse and Modern State Laws
Family Law and Immigration societies
Marriage Age in Islamic and Contemporary Muslim Family Laws. A Comparative Survey
Living Donation and Autonomy
Beyond Cultural and Religious Identity in Family Law
Commentary on Swiss Divorce Law (revised edition; partially)
Commentary on the Law on Registered Partnership of Same Sex Couples
Cultural and Religious Identity in Family Law. From Dichotomies to Discourse. Perspectives and Limits of Legal Pluralism in European Family Law Systems and Codes Exemplified by reference to Islamic Legal Traditions
Surrogacy and legal parentage
Büchler Christensen Conjoined Twins - The Concept of the Person
Büchler Clausen Reproductive Medicine and the Best Interest of the Child
Büchler Cottier Legal Gender Studies: An Inventory
Büchler Fluder Divorce as a social risk
Büchler Gächter International Encyclopaedia on Swiss Medical Law
Büchler Hotz Rössler Informed consent. An interdisciplinary analysis of the theory and practice of a central concept of medical law and medical ethics
Büchler Jakob Commentary on the Swiss Civil Code; 2nd Ed.
Commentary on Swiss Civil Law
Büchler Keller Theory and Practice on Article 8 ECHR - A comparative perspective
Büchler Latif Islamic Family Law in the Context of Swiss Private International Law
Büchler Maranta Joint custody according to Swiss Law
Child related family matters - Agreements between parents
Büchler Michel Medical Law - An Introduction
Büchler Schneider Health institutions, gynecology, obstetricts and religion
Büchler Schneider Fercsik The islamic law-Kafala in an international context
Büchler Sitek Informed consent and prenatal genetic diagnosis
The principle of non-commercialisation in biomedical law and ethics
Cantieni Joint Parental Custody in Legal Practice. An Empirical Study at Courts of the First Instance
Christensen Habilitation: The human body as reflected by law. Constructions of body and gender by law.
Clausen Cultural Diversity and Child Law
de Koenigswarter The Commodification of Women's Reproductive Body: A Women's Human Rights Based Approach
Dörr Habilitation: Commercialisation of the Human Body
Fourouzan Child Custody and the Best Interest of the Child. A Comparison between Iranian and Swiss Law
Frei Prerequsites of Organ, Tissue and Cell Extraction according to Swiss Transplantion Law, Thesis
Hassan Codification of Muslim Divorce Law of India by the Application of Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
Heimann Over- and undervalue in matrimonial property conflicts
Hotz Habilitation: Contracts at the interface of Law, Gender and Culture. A Comparative Study on Theory and Practice of the Limits of Contractual Freedom
Kotrba Procedural Aspects of Financial Support for Children of Full Age
Meier Forced Marriages in Swiss Law, Thesis
Michel The Rights of Children in Medical Procedures, Thesis
Habilitation: Animals and Law - Possibilities of Integrating Animals in the Legal System
Nothhafft Habilitation: The Protection of Women and Children from Domestic Violence - a Challenge to Paternalistic Societies in Transformation, e.g. Syria
Rieder Genetic Testing and the Right to Privacy, Thesis
Rist Parental Custody of Fathers of Children Born out of Wedlock in a Comparative Perspective, Thesis
Rusch Legal Parenthood - A Comparative Study, Thesis
Schlatter Decisions about Life in Neonatology - The Legal Framework, Thesis
Schneider Organ Transplantation in the United Arab Emirates: Legal, Ethical and Historical Aspects
Sitek Prenatal Diagnosis (PND) and the Concept of Informed Consent Regarding the Provisions of the Federal Act on Human Genetic Testing, Thesis
Sivaganesan Forced to marry. A human rights’ violation within its Euro-Asian entanglements. Unfree marriages from a multi-country perspective exemplified by Switzerland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey
Tavana The Role of Shari'a in International Commercial Arbitration, Thesis
Trost Child Protection and Neuro Enhancement, Thesis

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