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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Eisner The Zurich Project on the Social Development of Children (z-proso)
Fatke Children and Youth Survey on Participation in Switzerland (CHIPS)
Children's participation in school and society: Structural determinants and adult-child relationship
Initiative „mitWirkung!“ Participation and responsibility of children and adolescents
Fatke Fontanellaz Riots on 1st May 2002 - Social Conflict and Youth Culture in Zurich
Fatke Gabriel "Street Children" and Homeless Juveniles in Switzerland? Pilot Study in the City of Zürich
Gabriel Transitions to Adulthood of Young People in Public Care (Swiss Part)
Parenting and Rightwing-Extremism – Analysis of the Biographical Genesis of Racism Among Young People
Social Pedagogy and Looked-after Children in Five European Countries (Second Stage /German Part)
Gabriel Grubenmann Infant Care in Daycare Facilities - Evalutaion of New Concepts
Grubenmann Models of Infant Care in Daycare Facilities - References for New Concepts
Grubenmann Olschewski Codes of Ethics and the Discourse on "Brotherly Love"  in 19th Century Switzerland
Stohler Vocational and Social Integration of Young Care Leavers
Studer Professionalisation of Foster Care - Evaluation of New Models

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