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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Altherr IMF Interventions in international financial crises: Risks and opportunities
Baleva PhD Thesis
Bognuda Violations of the right to health - indicators for measuring them in practice
Borbély Thesis: E-Voting
Breining-Kaufmann International Administrative Law
Protection of fundamental rights in Europe and the global perspective (WTO)
Commentary on the Federal law for registered partnerships of same sex couples: Constitutional and international law framework
Bretscher Immigrants’ Right to Freedom of Religion Under the ECHR and the ICCPR – A Comparison to the Protection of Religious Minorities.
Choudhury Engendering Trade: The Impact of Investment Treaties on Women and Sustainable Development
Ciesiolka The United Nations Convention Against Corruption And International Human Rights - An Examination of the Legal Relationship
Corvaglia Promoting non-economic policies under the Government Procurement Agreement. (PhD thesis)
Dischler Development-based displacement and the duty to protect in a developing country. A case study on Cambodia (PhD)
Ehlert The 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (PhD Thesis)
Florence PhD Thesis
Gehne Sustainable development as a principle of law
Götze Switzerland’s System of a Dual Banking Supervision – The External Auditors between a Rock and a Hard Place (PhD Thesis)
Goetze Basic Principles in the WTO: Most Favoured Nation Clause and Non-Discrimination
Graf Legal aspects of financial crises (PhD thesis)
Special and differential treatment of developing countries within the WTO
Grahovac Private Security Firms in Swiss Administrative and Public Law
Heri Human Rights Impact Assessments of Trade-Related Rules and Policies: Case Study of the Right to Food (PhD Thesis)
Hofer Thesis: Drinking Water and International Law
Hostettler The legal status of environmentally displaced persons (PhD project)
Kaufmann The Role of Human Rights in International Trade Regulation. Individual Project No. 4 of the NCCR on International Trade Regulation: from fragmentation to coherence
Financial Regulations at the Cross-Road of IMF/WTO Interests
Globalisation and trade liberalisation: Challenges for the protection of minorities
Eliminating poverty as a legal mandate
Liberalizing Trade in Agriculture and Food Security - Mission impossible?
Subsidiary protection of refugees
Food security and international trade
Human rights as drivers for corporate governance (NCCR Trade Regulation - From Fragmentation to Coherence)
Investment contracts and human rights (NCCR Trade Regulation - From Fragmentation to Coherence)
Linking corporate governance and WTO law: Preventing corruption in public procurement (NCCR Trade Regulation - From Fragmentation to Coherence)
Trade and Finance: The Regulatory Impact of Liberalized Financial Services
Globalization and Labor Rights: The Conflicting Relationship between Core Labor Rights and International Economic Institutions
Kunz Cross-border Trade in Consumer Financial Services over the Internet and its Classifica-tion under the GATS
Marschner Trauma, Testimony and the International Criminal Trial, PHD Thesis
Niedrig Social clauses in free trade agreements with a special emphasis on labour rights (PhD Thesis)
Odok Human Rights Assessments (PhD Thesis)
Petermann Provisional admission in Swiss asylum law: Aspects of substantive law in Switzerland with inclusion of the subsidiary protection in EU law
Schaub Thesis: National Jurisdiction over Multinational Corporations
Schnegg Reconciling Human Rights and International Investment Law
Schwarz Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for Human Rights Infringements in the Financial Sector
Umbricht Amicus curiae briefs in WTO law
Utz The legal framework for restricting social rights in Switzerland (PhD thesis)
Weber Reconciling Liberalized Trade in Financial Services and Domestic Regulation
Winters EU-India Network on Trade and Development (EINTAD) Project: Mobility of Labour
Wintsch Refugee children and the right to education
Yorke Economic Policy Programme, Legal and Technical Assistance to the Palestinian Ministry of Economy and Trade

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