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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Fink SIBMAR Project: Structure of Individual Bio Molecules by Electron Holography
Electron holography at cryogenic temperature
Fink Latychevskaia Escher Longchamp Holography with Low Energy Electrons
Fink Longchamp Latychevskaia Escher Coherent Low-Energy Electron Diffraction Microscopy of Single Bio-Molecules
Latychevskaia Novel phase retrieval methods in coherent diffraction from non-crystalline objects of nanometer dimensions
Longchamp Coherent Diffraction Imaging of Graphene-Supported Single Biomolecules at Atomic Resolution
Tsujino Gobrecht Fink Escher Novel Electron and Ion Sources for Focussed Charge Beam Applications

Last update 22.05.2016