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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Jackson Weddigen Power of tapestries. Tapestries of power. Weaving propaganda in the Early Modern Europe in depictions of violence and contemporary events (PhD project)
Matter Weddigen Materiality and Naturality in Post-War Art (PhD project)
Meyer Weddigen Mira Schendel – opaque letters on transparent ground (PhD project)
Weddigen Exploring Art and Outer Space (research project)
Heinrich Wölfflin's Collected Works (research and publication project)
Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (infrastructure project)
The History of Art in Switzerland
Weddigen Levy Heinrich Wölfflin’s Principles of Art History, 1915-2015 (research and publication project)
Weddigen Matile Schwiss Art and Museology

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bätschmann Weddigen Benedetto Varchi: Paragone, Contest of the Arts (research project and publication)
Baumgarten Weddigen Fernandes Brandão Historiographies of Art in Latin America: National Constructions, Receptions and Institutions (conference)
Bender Weddigen Modern Architecture in Latin America (research project)
Buschow Oechslin Weddigen Affect & Effect (conference)
Caen Weddigen Retakings. The History of the Textile Image (conference)
Caen Weddigen Brosens Bertrand Tapestries in the 19th Century. Renaissances of an Art Medium (PhD project)
Fayet Weddigen Glocal History of Art? Alterity and Identity in Swiss Art (lecture series)
The History of Art in Switzerland (teaching and research project)
Frauenfelder Weddigen The Art Collections of the Canton of Zurich (PhD project)
Gelshorn Imhof Ursprung Weddigen Transcultural Constructivism: International Contexts of Swiss Konkrete Kunst (conference)
Gnehm Burkart Weddigen Rössler The Book: Practice and Knowledge 1450-1750 (conference)
Gnehm Levy Mondini Weddigen Foundations of Art History in Switzerland: from Rahn to Wölfflin (conference and proceedings)
Gnehm Weddigen Contexts of the History of Architecture (e-learning project)
Göttler Weddigen Nova Reperta (conference)
Graff Weddigen Piero della Francesca Reloaded. The Reception of the Italian Renaissance in Germany and Italy between the Two Wars (PhD project)
Henry Weddigen Egnazio Danti: Art and Science in the Times of Counter-Reformation (PhD project)
Holenstein Meyer Schweizer Zwahlen Weddigen Second Skin. On the History of Clothing (lecture series and proceedings)
Jung Weddigen Early Modern Concepts of Space in the Paintings of Georges de La Tour (PhD project)
Kapustka Textile Representatives. Cloths, Garments, and the Anthropology of Images (postdoctoral research project)
InsideOut: Intermediality and Visual Contexts of Clothing (lecture series)
Mythmaking Eastern Europe: Art in Response (conference and proceedings)
Kapustka Kirves Spies Sundberg Folds/Patterns: Textures of Visuality (conference)
Kapustka Woodfin Clothing the Sacred. Workshop on Liturgical Textiles in the Middle Ages (conference and proceedings)
Keller Tschirren Bätschmann Weddigen Triangle, Circle, Sphere. Color Schemes in Paul Klee's Teaching at the Bauhaus (PhD project, second reader)
Kim Living Stone: Lithic Materiality and Early Modern Painting (postdoctoral research project)
Kim Weddigen Baumgarten Artistic Commerce and Confrontation in the Portuguese and Spanish Empires (conference)
Lee Weddigen Bätschmann The Plant Soul in Fine Arts, Dance and Film Around 1900 (PhD project)
Levy Weddigen Wölfflin’s Grundbegriffe @ 100: The North American Reception (conference)
Lurati Weddigen Exotic Animals in Florentine Painting of the Renaissance (PhD project)
Matile Weddigen Traces of Mobility: Prints and Drawings as Media of Exchange (lecture series)
McGavran The Avant-Garde in North Africa: Orientalism and the Modern Art of Paul Klee and Henri Matisse, c. 1912–1930 (PhD project)
Myrach Wohlwend Zwahlen Weddigen Science & Fiction: Imagination and Realty of Outer Space (conference and proceedings)
Neuner Weddigen Pictorial Space in Early Modern Venice (conference section)
Canvas, Veil, and Sailcloth. On the Textile Poetics of Venetian Painting (postdoctoral project)
Randolph Weddigen Eurotrash? Modern Simulacra of Renaissance Art (conference)
Reineke Weddigen Söntgen The Textile in the Private Rococo Interior (PhD project)
Röhl Reineke Textile Translations. Intermedia Processes of Textile Transfer in the Arts (conference)
Röhl Weddigen Gendered textiles in Post-War and Contemporary Art (PhD project)
Rojas López Weddigen The representation of Swiss landscape in contemporary political posters and advertising in connection with the construction of national identities
Rüfenacht Weddigen Bätschmann Johann Gottlob von Quandt, 1787-1859 (PhD project)
Schindler Beständig ephemer: Textilien als Motiv, Material und Metapher in der Plastik (conference)
Schindler Weddigen Göttler The Representation of the Textile in 17th-Century Dutch Genre Painting (PhD project)
Scholz Weddigen Giusto de' Menabuoi and Knowledge Culture of the Trecento (PhD project)
Relating Identities: Alternative Stories of Art for Northern Italy and Lombardy, 1500-2000 (conference)
Senn Fayet Weddigen Authenticity in the Visual Arts in the Modern Period (conference)
Swoboda Aurenhammer Wolf Weddigen The Birth of Art History from the Spirit of the Museum. Transformations of the Imperial Picture Gallery in Vienna around 1800 (research project)
Tietenberg Weddigen Planetary Perspectives (conference and proceedings)
Ursprung Stalder Weddigen ArchiTextile: The Textile Medium in Architecture, Past to Present (conference)
Vitali Göttler Weddigen Scientia et Inventio: Drawing as a Medium of Invention and Knowledge in the 17th Century (conference)
Wagner Weddigen Bernardino Luini: Painting in 16th-Century Lombardy (PhD project)
Weddigen Towards an Iconology of the Textile (conference sections)
Biographism in Art History (workshop)
Metatextile: Identity and History of a Contemporary Art Medium (conference and proceedings)
The Collection as a Visual History of Art: The Dresden Picture Gallery in the 18th and 19th Century (research project)
Political Space and Knowledge Culture. Visual Construction of Identity under Visconti and Sforza Rule, 1300-1500 (research project)
An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture: Review of a Project at the Art Institute in Zurich (workshop)
An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture (research project)
Heinrich Wölfflin Lectures (visiting faculty, lectures series)
The Birth of Art History from the Graphic Arts (lecture series)
Baroque/Classic (conference)
Theoretical Challenges: A Revision of the Historiography of Colonial Art in the Iberian World (conference)
The Global Reception of Heinrich Wölfflin's Principles of Art History 1915-2015 (conference)
Wölfflin Renaissances 1915-2015 (conference)
Substances of Modernity: Materials and their Meanings in Swiss and Mexican Architecture
Constructed Identities and Entangled Histories in Monuments: Architectural Case Studies in the Philippines and Switzerland
The Works of the Young Michelangelo - A Youthful Work of Heinrich Wölfflin (workshop)
Weddigen Baumgarten New Art Histories: Connecting Ideas, Objects and Institutions in Latin America. Founding Ideas: Historiographies and Methods for a Global Art History (research and teaching project)
New Art Histories. Connecting Ideas, Objects and Institutions in Latin America. Global Baroque: Transcultural and Transhistorical Approaches to Latin America (research and teaching project)
Weddigen Baumgarten Vogel Baroque and Neobaroque in the Spanish and Portuguese World. XV Baroque Summer Course, Einsiedeln, Switzerland (conference)
Weddigen de Riedmatten Veiling and Unveiling the Textile Medium (conference panel)
Weddigen Fayet Curated in Switzerland (lecture series)
Weddigen Fayet Hänsli Oberli Digital Art History: Challenges and Perspectives (conference)
Weddigen Fayet Senn Krähenbühl Expertise: The Judgment About Art Between History, Technology, Law and Market (conference)
Weddigen Galley Baumgarten Global Contexts of the Latin American Art Market (conference)
Weddigen Hänsli The Photographic Knowledge of Art History (research and conservation project)
What do we Want from Digital Art History?
Weddigen Juneja Heinrich Wölfflin Lectures (visiting faculty, lectures series)
Heinrich Wölfflin Lectures 2014 (lecture series and publication)
Weddigen Lampugnani Hänsli Digitale Diathek/Digital Image Library (digital project)
Weddigen Matile The Graphic Arts (research and teaching project)
Thinking Through Craft in the Early Modern Graphic Arts (lecture series)
Drawing and Understanding (lecture series)
Weddigen Scholz Zieke The Construction of Identity in Medieval and Early Modern Times: Reflections on a Problem in Art History (conference)
Weddigen Stierli The Art of the Display (research project)
The Space of Display (conference)
Weddigen Vogel Buergel Schöllhammer When the Present Begins (conference)
Weddigen Vogel Oechslin Buschow Baroque and Neobaroque in the Spanish and Portuguese World (summer course)
Weddigen Wolf An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture (research project)
Westermann Weddigen "La trionfal porta del naturale": Altichiero da Zevio and the Study of Nature in Painting Around 1400 (PhD project)
Wolf Weddigen Selvedge to Selvedge - Textile Arts and Textility from Antiquity to the Present (conference)
Woodfin Medieval Textiles East and West: Identity and Exchange (postdoctoral research project)
Wouk Thinking Netherlandish: A Workshop on Theory, Methods and Practicalities (workshop)
Wyss Gelshorn Weddigen The History of the Biennale di Venezia (summer course)

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