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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Gockel Bechtiger Materiality and Corporality. Jef Verheyen in the Context of ZERO (working title)
Gockel Bucher Art and Souvenir Objects from Switzerland in 18th-Century English Grand-Tour Collections (working title)
Gockel Haack Cornelis Troost - Dutch Interior Painting around 1700 (working title)
Gockel Helbig Early Photography in Iran (working title)
Gockel Jungmann Transpacific Connections between Photographs and Photographers, 1862–1915 (working title)
Gockel Pamuk 'Öteki': The Other in contemporary Turkish art
Gockel Perret The Daguerreotype in Switzerland. The Distribution of a New Medium and Technique of Production of Photography with a Specific Focus on the Zurich Region (working title)
Junge Art and Photography from the Netherlands East Indies. Cultural Transfers of Images and Meanings around 1870 (working title)
Volmert Memory in Motion: Concepts of Remembering and Forgetting in 18th‐Century Grand Tour Portraits (working title)
"Num'rous Uses, Motions, Charms, and Arts". Fans as Images, Accessories, and Instruments of Gesture in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Baltzer Photography in Print Media During the Pioneering Years of Photojournalism: The Construction of Historical Images (working title)
Gockel Pictorial practices. Things in artistic and scientific pictures from 1600 to 1900 – an historico-epistemological and anthropological perspective
Geography of Photography
Knowledge and Aesthetics of Photography in Art History and Archeology
Material Memory. The History of Knowledge at the Institute of Art History in Zurich
Conference series “Art and Sciences. History and Historiography”
Geography of Photography 2008: Photography and Photographic Research in Switzerland
Geography of Photography 2009: American Photography
Geography of Photography 2010: France: Photography and Photographers
Geography of Photography 2012: Ritratto Italiano: Picturing Italy
Geography of Photography 2014: Japan - Photography and Photographers
Studies in Theory and History of Photography
Memory Transfers in Art and Science, 1650-1800
On Looking: Artist Editions in the Context of Contemporary Art
On Looking II: Photo | Lithography
Ritratto Veneziano: Picturing Venice. Practices and Pictorial Problems of Photography
18th Century Art and Science Revisited
Camera Work Pilot Project: Digitalization of an International Medium of Art and Photography
Gockel Hoefert Study of the Meaning of the Distribution and Use of Language and its Effects in the Work of H. R. Fricker
Gockel Junge Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing - On the Meaning of Artistic Debates on AIDS in the US
Gockel Kim Remake Concepts in Local and Global Art Scenes. Artistic Procedures of Imitation in Works of Yeondoo Jung, Ming Wong und Pierre Huyghe
Gockel Krup “Homes for America”: The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and the Politics of Post-War Survey Photography
Gockel Munforte Mourning Pictures and Portraits of the Deceased. Materiality, Discourse, and Mediality in 19th Century North-American Miniature Painting and Photography
Gockel Preiswerk Absentia lucis. Semantization of Veiling in Representations of the Night in Late Medieval Illuminations
Gockel Ritter Geography of Photography 2011: The Indigineous Lens: Early Photographic in Islamic Countries
Gockel Wegmann The World in "Natural Colors": On the Coloring of Photochromes of the Fin de Siècle
Gockel Weiberg Aesthetics and Technique of the Cinematic Composite Image
Wasmer Ricco Wassmer (1915–1972). Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings and Objects.

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