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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Balogh Reichler Biochemical and hormonal characteristics of term canine and feline fetal fluids
Balogh Reichler Kowalewski The effects of metoclopramid treatment on milk production, serum prolactin and milk IgG levels in healthy postpartum bitches
Reproductive tissue expression of leptin, IGF-I, their receptors and the insulin receptor during pregnancy and the non-pregnant diestrous phase in the bitch
Gene expression and localization of leptin and leptin receptor in the canine corpus luteum, uterus and placenta during pregnancy and prepartal luteolysis
Michel Establishment of immunohistochemistry and PCR for canine prolactin receptor
Retrospective analysis of prolactin receptor status in mammary tumors of different biological classification
Reichler Diagnostic utility of color-doppler sonography for the diagnosis of ectopic ureters
Localisation of canine ureteral openings
Molecular genetics of ectopic ureters in Entlebucher Mountain Dogs
Genetics of ureteral ectopy in the Entlebucher mountain dog
GnRH-analogue deslorelin for treatment of USMI in spayed female dogs
GnRH agonist implants for oestrus supression in bitches
Importance of prolactin in the pathophysiology of canine mammary tumors
Ectopic ureters in the Entlebucher and the Appenzeller mountain dog: Prevalence, clinical and genetic characterization
Reichler Kowalewski Balogh Spörri role of prolactin in mammatumorigenesis

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