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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Haas Succession Law and Estate Planning
International Sports Law
Association Law

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Egger Thesis: Civil procedure
Haas Insolvency Law
Corporate Insolvency Law
European Insolvency Regulation and Comparative Insolvency Law
Civil Procedure
Comparative and European/International Civil Procedure
National and International Arbitration
Betreuung diverser Dissertationen
Hoffmann Thesis: Procedural Law Approaches to Coping With Group Insolvency
Hossfeld Thesis: Arbitration
Keller Thesis: Liability of reorganization consultants
Lienhard Thesis: Civil procedure - Conduct of the proceeding with regards to the content
Neumayer A European Concept of International Arbitration - Law Applicable to the Merits and European Public Policy
Schlumpf Thesis : Arbitration and Estate Planning
Schulze Thesis : Taxes and Insolvency
Sykora Thesis: Arbitral Decisions Based on the Principle of Equity
Trunz Thesis: Sports law
Vogel Thesis: Insolvency law, corporate law
Wojtowicz Thesis: Civil procedure / sports law

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