Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller Nielaba

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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Dueck Blurring. Visual perception in 17th and 18th centuries literature, optics and epistemology.

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Alder Epistemology of the rhetorical figure - voice and poetological figurality around 1800
Beeler Schiller's 'Ballads'
Cuonz Redeeming Literature
Domke dislocating the transposition
du Bois de Dunilac transference - rhetoric of aesthetics around 1800
Dueck The intimate stranger. The french translations of Paul Celan's poetry (1971-2010).
Gut Signs of Eternisation. A systematic investigation concerning the intralinguistic constituents of the occidental 'auraticisation of eternity' of characters on the basis of German literature from 1755-1835
Isele Sublime decadence – Phenomena of Complementarity in Thomas Manns "Der Zauberberg"
Kovacs Polizeistunde. Friedrich Glauser and the crime story
Krauss constellation/lenz
Müller Nielaba Rhetorics of Transference in the 18./19. century.
Schmid Autoreferentiality. Selfgenerating semantic processes in literature.
Schumacher Transwritten : reborn - Poetological rejuvenation in Romanticism and Art Nouveau
Spalinger stories - readings / Geschichten, die keine sind, sind Lektüren, die keine sind
Steier Writing/Hunger. Poetics of Hunger in German Literature since 1750.

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