Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller Nielaba

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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Dueck Blurring. Visual perception in 17th and 18th centuries literature, optics and epistemology.
Gut Signs of Eternisation. A systematic investigation concerning the intralinguistic constituents of the occidental 'auraticisation of eternity' of characters on the basis of German literature from 1755-1835

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Alder Epistemology of the rhetorical figure - voice and poetological figurality around 1800
Beeler Schiller's 'Ballads'
Cuonz Redeeming Literature
Domke dislocating the transposition
du Bois de Dunilac transference - rhetoric of aesthetics around 1800
Dueck The intimate stranger. The french translations of Paul Celan's poetry (1971-2010).
Isele Sublime decadence – Phenomena of Complementarity in Thomas Manns "Der Zauberberg"
Kovacs Polizeistunde. Friedrich Glauser and the crime story
Krauss constellation/lenz
Müller Nielaba Rhetorics of Transference in the 18./19. century.
Schmid Autoreferentiality. Selfgenerating semantic processes in literature.
Schumacher Transwritten : reborn - Poetological rejuvenation in Romanticism and Art Nouveau
Spalinger stories - readings / Geschichten, die keine sind, sind Lektüren, die keine sind
Steier Writing/Hunger. Poetics of Hunger in German Literature since 1750.

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