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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Steineck Time in Medieval Japan (TIMEJ)
TIMEJ-Research area 1: Monastic Time
The Critique of Symbolic Forms: Developing the Philosophy of Culture through the analysis of Japanese sources and theories.
Notions and Images of Japanese Philosophy
Steineck Steineck Blind Kataoka TIMEJ-Research area 3: Markets
Steineck Apel German Dictionary of Buddhism
Steineck Holzapfel Theories of justice (seigiron) in Japan
Steineck Lange Fetish and Value - Uno Kozo (1897-1977) and his school in light of the Marxian Critique of Political Economy
Steineck Müller TIMEJ-Research area 2: Time at the Court
Steineck Tan TIMEJ-Research area 4: Body Time

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Gefter Aspect in Japanese
Lange The Overcoming of the Subject – Nishida Kitarôs Way to Ideology
Mittmann Biontino Perceptions of “the other” in Korea and Japan
Mittmann Steineck Yamagata Banto’s lifework Yume no shiro: An attempt to reorganize the knowledge available to Japan.
Müller Torn Consciousness: Repetition and Difference in the Self-Perception of Japanese Intellectuals in Pre- and Postwar Japan
Zen and japanese philosophy: The significance of Dōgen for the Kyōto school
Writing, Engagement, Relevance: Manifestations of Socio-political Responsibility in Debates and Fiction of the Japanese Literary Intelligentsia
Idleness and Perception of Time in Japan
Steineck Book Project: The Study of Time XIV: Origins and Futures
Book Project: Authorship in East Asia from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Book Project: The Study of Time XIII: Time - Limits and Constraints
Technology and Ethics: Lessons from Japanese discourses
Steineck Herrmann The construction of famous places (meisho) in early modern Japanese travel guides
Steineck Hüllein Normative Effects of the Concept of „Health“ on Bioethical Discussion and the Creation of New Laws in Japan from the Revision of the Eugenic Protection Law (1996) to the Health Promotion Law (2003)
Steineck Kaufmann Structural Analysis of Japanese Buddhist Texts
Steineck Lange Book project: A Reader in Critical Japanese Thought
Steineck Lange Kaufmann Book Project: Modern Japanese Philosophy
Steineck Müller Tan Kaufmann Structural Analysis of Japanese Literary and Philosophical Texts: Narration and Persuasion
Steineck Steineck Japanese Buddhist Objects in European Museums
Tan Intermediate Zones. The Processes of Localization in Ōba Minako’s Work

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