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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Cui Riemenschnitter Creating an Alternative World: The Remaking of Western Ideologies in Modern Chinese Bildungsroman (1919-1976)
Grano From the barricades into politics: the role of environmental social activists under the newly-led DPP government
Hess Riemenschnitter Identities, Memories, Visions – An Intersectional Analysis of Contemporary Ma-Hua Fiction
Imbach Waste, Pollution and Environmental Aesthetics
Jaguscik Mapping New Trends in Chinese Independent Poetry and Theater Scenes
Knuesel Riemenschnitter Building a Home in the Classics: Lao Sze-kwang (1927-2012)
Levtov Riemenschnitter Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa
Li Riemenschnitter The Brightening Truth Where We Belong: Yang Mu’s Works in the World of Ideas
Schroeder Riemenschnitter Visualizations of "A Dream of Red Mansions" as a Case for Image-text Relationships in the Late Imperial China
Werner Behr Riemenschnitter China and the West (1245-2000)
Wu Entanglements of Place, Things, and Bodies: Re-/Configuring Constellations of Localness and Agency in Postcolonial Hong Kong Culture
Zhang Riemenschnitter Plants, Identity and the Nation: A socio-historical study of Plants in Modern China

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Boehler Made in Thailand: Thainess and Transnational Tendencies in Contemporary Thai Film
Cao Riemenschnitter Research of corporation communication:In the perspective of cutural analysis and brand stories
Chu Coming of Age in Sinophone Studies
Ensinger Construction of a cross-cultural identity: the Sino-Swiss woman writer Zhao Shuxia
Grano Environmental governance in Taiwan and Hong Kong: multiple levels of interaction
Rules-based environmental activism in China and Taiwan
He Humour and the Revaluation of Values in Writings by Jean Paul and Mo Yan. A Transcultural Study
Imbach Riemenschnitter Fantasizing ghosts: Gendered memories and traumatic specters in Chinese post-Mao fiction
Jaguscik Literary Body Discourses. Corporeality, Gender and Class Difference in Contemporary Chinese Women’s Poetry and Fiction
Knüsel Framing China. Media Images of China in Britain, the USA and Switzerland, 1911-1949
Krawczyk Riemenschnitter Chinese Second World War Commanders in History, Historiography and Cultural Representations
Linggi Chinese Conceptions of Trust
Malinar Riemenschnitter Environment and Cultural Ecology in an Age of Globalisation - Politics and Representations of Development and Nature in Asia
Riemenschnitter Re-Imagining China: The Role of Diasporas in an Emergent Transnational Chinese Culture
Dual Cross-cultural Publication Project "Strange Encounters"
Stories of entanglement: mythology, modernity and the nation in China's 20th century
Spectral Reproduction - Ghosts in Asian Performance Cultures
Coming of Age in Hong Kong: A study of a colonial literary field
The Environmental Turn in Contemporary Chinese Cultural Representations
Landscape Fever: Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics and the Environment
Wernsdörfer Education as Experiment in Tibet: Fields and Agents on the Chess-Board, 1951-2003
Wu Riemenschnitter (Re-)Configurations of Place, Person and Thing in Hong Kong Cinema and Literature after the Millennium
Zhai Riemenschnitter Violence and Chinese Leftist Revolutionary Fiction
Zhao Images of Insanity, Narratives of Madness – A New Approach Towards the Representation of Intellectuals in Modern Chinese Literature
Zhuang Matteo Ripa’s “Views of Jehol”: Entangled Histories of 18th Century European and Chinese Landscape Representations

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