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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Jakob Direction of a Center for Foundation Law
Developments in Swiss, European and International Foundation Law
Comperative European Foundation Law

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Philanthropy in Switzerland Initiative
Jakob Commentary on German Foundation (State-) Law
Expert Report "Foundation Law" at the Swiss Lawyers Association's Annual Meeting (Schweizer Juristentag) 2013
Section on "International and Comparative Foundation Law" in German Handbook
"The Virtual Heir" and Further Questions of Swiss Inheritance Law
Implementation of the Hague Trust Convention
Organization of an international conference (1. Zürcher Stiftungsrechtstag) in 2010
Responsible Investments by Foundations from a Legal Perspective
Commentary on German Civil Code (Foundation Law) in Beck Online Grosskommentar
Reform of the Liechtenstein Foundation Law
Textbook on Swiss Foundation Law
Several Publications on Swiss and International Foundation Law
The European Foundation (Fundatio Europaea)
Developments in international Trust Law
Expert Group on Philanthrophy and Foundations
Organization of an international conference (2. Zürcher Stiftungsrechtstag 2012)
Foundations and Family (Conference and Textbook)
Legal environment for asset administation and investments of foundations
Reform of Liechtenstein Foundation Law
The will of the founder (interdisciplinary conference and textbook)
New forms of private foundations (offshore/common law foundations)
Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project (CNP), Legal Background Switzerland
Cooperation in Foundation Law
Legal forms for social entrepreneurship
"Umbrella Foundations"
Trust and swiss estate planning after incorporation of the Hague Convention
Cross-border giving
Developments of "Investment Foundations" (Anlagestiftungen)
Commentary on the Rome II Regulation
University Fundraising, Fonds and Foundations
Developments in international Trust Law
Treatment of Liechstenstein Foundations in Foreign Countries
Revision of German Foundation Law
Hague Trust Convention and Swiss Private International and Civil Law
Developments in Liechtenstein Foundation Law
International inheritance law and estate planning
Will substitutes from a comparative perspective
Rom II-Regulation (new edition of commentary)
Wine and Law
Irish Family Law (new edition of commentary)
Jakob Büchler Commentary on Swiss Civil Code

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