Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann

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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Acosta Thesis: Banking and Competition Law – Interchange Fees
Althaus Thesis: Criminal sanctions against individuals for antitrust infringements
Babey Thesis: Search engines and competition law
Baudenbacher Thesis: Prohibition of Abuse as General Principle of EU Law
Bischoff Thesis: The SSNIP-Test
Thesis: Competition Law Problems of Art Markets
Canapa Thesis: Trademarks and Brands in Merger Control
Denoth Thesis: Conflicts between administrative procedure and private enforcement in leniency programs in the field of competition law
Engelhardt Thesis: The infringement of protected geographic names
Good Thesis: Competition Law Aspects of the Google Book Search Settlement
Hager Thesis: Diversity versus Concentration in Media - Mechanisms to Secure Pluralism in Broadcast
Heidecker Thesis: Competition Law of the Water Sector
Hellwig Thesis: The atribution of olympic games transmission rights in European competition law
Hemler Thesis: Private Standards in the Field of SPS
Howald Thesis: The Construction of a European Patent Judiciary and the Consequences for Switzerland
Iskic Thesis: Competition Law Aspects of Settlements in the Field of Intellectual Property
Izumi Thesis: Online Distribution and Competition Law
Keller Thesis: Social Media in Competition Law
Lay Thesis: WTO and Climate Change
Lendermann Thesis: Sale of credit claims and confidentiality between bank und client
Lichtenegger Thesis: Collecting societies, competition law and new media - new transnational licencing models of European collecting societies in competition law
Locher Thesis: Advertising Food
Meier Thesis: The Joint Committees in the Bilateral Agreements between Switzerland and the European Union
Murer Thesis: Acquisition of Blocking Patents and the Abuse of Dominance
Roth Thesis: The „as efficient competition test“ in European and Swiss Competition Law
von Plato Thesis: The margin of the member states after an authorisation of a merger by the European Commission
Zimmermann Thesis: Ethical and Legal Reflections on the Patentability of Animals and Plants

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