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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Hagmann Executive function in preterm born children: an integrative approach from genetics to brain function.
Huber Sleep and brain plasticity during development
Comparison of anatomical and electrophysiological markers of brain maturation
Cell phones, sleep and cognitive performance
Synaptic homeostasis and sleep
Adolescence: a sensitive period for cortical development
Effects of hypothermia on sleep slow-wave activity and cortical plasticity
Differences in brain activity in children/adolescents with an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder measured with high-density EEG during sleep
Mapping sensitive periods of cortical development
Does memory training improve cognitive performance in mentally retarded children? An interventional study.
Investigating the origin of individual differences in the response to electromagnetic field exposure.
Sleep and development
Sleep EEG in children with acquired brain lesions
The impact of hippocampal reactivation during slow wave sleep on memory consolidation in healthy subjects and subjects suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy
Closed-loop stimulation during slow wave sleep
High-density electroencephalography in children and adolescents with an affective disorder or a psychosis
Exploring diurnal changes in markers of cortical plasticity using multimodal imaging in healthy children and adolescents and in patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Sleep during Adolescence: Synaptic and Cellular Mechanisms
Sleep as a model to understand and manipulate cortical activity in order to promote neuroplasticity and functional recovery after stroke
The impact of microglia on markers of cortical maturation during the pruning period
Effects of LTE exposure on human electrophysiology
Effekt eines intensiven Arbeitsgedächtnistrainings auf die Gehirnstruktur von Kindern und Jugendlichen
Meyer-Heim Innovative movement therapy in childhood
Wilhelm Emotional Memory Consolidation during Sleep in Adolescents with and without Anxiety
Does cueing during sleep help adolescents forget conditioned fears?

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