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Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Bailer Hearing difficulties and highly gifted children and adolescent
Felder Is there a moral right to integration for people with disabilities?
Gyseler Neuroscientific Foundations of Special Education – Case Study: Autism
Hoyningen-Süess Syncritical Professionalism in Special-Agogic Fields of Practice: Special-Educational Propositions for Social Vocational Training
Assessing Theory Development in Special Education: Description and Analysis
Education of highly gifted Children and Adolescents: Development, Realization, and Evaluation of a Post-Graduate Course in Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Special Needs Education (HPS)
Talenta: A Special School for Cognitive Highly Gifted Children (evaluation project)
Quality of life conception for humans who live in assisted living centers
Genetic Engineering and Special Education (interdisciplinary research project)
The Professionalization of Swiss Special Education (interdisciplinary research project)
Hoyningen-Süess Gyseler Gifted children and special education
Pullout for cognitive highly gifted children (evaluation project)
Hoyningen-Süess Hampson Psychology of Personality as foundational theory in special education with gifted children
Hoyningen-Süess Hüsser Gifted children and their families
Hoyningen-Süess Oberholzer Quality of Life and Sustainable Quality Development in Care and Service Institutions for People with Disabilities
sensiQoL (software application): Quality of Life and Sustainable Quality Development in Care and Service Institutions for People with Disabilities
Quality of life based monitoring and support of humans who live in heaviest dependency
Liesen Equality as ethical question in special education -- the case of integration
EURADIEM (c) -- Attitudes, Discrimination and the Employment Situation of People with Disabilities in Europe
Oberholzer Sustainable Quality of Life Development in Care and Service Institutions for People with Disabilities: the intervention framework «sensiQoL»
Roth-Reber School biography of highly gifted children: determinates of special educational needs and subjective interpretation
Stalder Quality Management Systems in Pedagogical-Social Service Institutions: Experiences in Practise, Trends in Politics
Stocker Cognitive challenges in the mental realms of space, time, and causality
Wolfisberg Special education and eugenics
Wong Survey quality of life by behavior observation

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